A supplier portal can help you manage one of your enterprise’s most important assets. By capturing timely and accurate supplier data and strengthening compliance and fraud controls, you can reduce costs and establish a sound foundation for your supplier management strategy.


Trusted supplier information is fundamental to the effective management of any corporate supply chain. It gives you the solid foundation you need to improve controls, reduce payment errors, make smarter decisions and fuel strategic procure-to-pay initiatives that benefit your bottom line. So, how do you get trusted supplier information?

The apexportal Supplier Registration module with smartvm ensures that your vendor master is clean and rich.

How does it do this? When suppliers self-register online, you can collect and automatically validate everything you need to know up front—before profiles are created in your database and payments are issued. Rather than getting slowed down by time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, you can quickly capture, validate, enrich and approve data for automatic transfer to your various payment systems. Nothing is rekeyed. The process is faster, the data you collect is richer and your controls are more rigorous. And with smartvm, you can continuously monitor your supplier profiles for risk, compliance and accuracy. Ultimately, with our apexportal Supplier Registration module with smartvm, you have a single, trusted source of the truth, giving you efficiencies and peace of mind.


Ready for a touchless alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual supplier onboarding? Our apexportal Supplier Registration module with smartvm delivers a 100 percent touchless workflow. Your suppliers onboard themselves using your own dedicated site—custom-tailored for your company and branded with your logo. You benefit from single-sign-on, integrated navigation, advanced robotics, machine learning, two-way data feeds and a seamless user experience across all your procure-to-pay systems.

Configure your way. More than 800 fields and 300,000 built-in business rules let you easily configure your portal to gather the information you need and give you control.

Make it easy. When you invite a new supplier to register, profiles can be prepopulated with validated and scored data drawn from the 90 million supplier records with contacts in our apexanalytix smartvm database, based on over 10 million communications with suppliers each year.

Capture, validate and approve. Tax numbers, banking information, addresses, proof of insurance, certifications and more can be captured, validated, approved and transferred to your various procure-to-pay systems. Tolerances and validation results can be used to determine which approvals, if any, require attention by your staff.

Go global. You can support multiple languages, every global currency and in-country regulations, regardless of where you do business. More than 20 languages (so far) covering 98 percent of global trade are supported.

Tighten controls. Achieve global regulatory compliance by requiring certain fields to be completed or important documents to be uploaded before vendor master records are created or enrollment. You can even enforce standard payment terms, invoice automation and other strategic programs by requiring acceptance during onboarding.

Reduce risks. Our apexarchimedes™ cognitive technologies automatically flag duplicate entries and verify supplier data against more than two billion records in 1,000+ global government, regulatory and authoritative third-party sources, including our own.

Continuously improve data. smartvm provides continuous, proactive monitoring to enrich and update your supplier data over time.

Stay secure. When you use the apexportal, your data is encrypted and stored in a segregated database behind six layers of physical and technological security. And we comply with a wide range of global data security regulations, including the EU Privacy Shield, GDPR, HIPAA and SSAE 18 protections for SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II data.

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