A survey by CFO Research1 showed finance executives agreed on one important point: Effectively managing tax considerations drives better bottom-line results. Unfortunately, though, barriers must be overcome in order to aggregate and analyze tax data and make informed decisions. Half of those surveyed said they are impeded by isolated systems, nonstandard processes and technology that isn’t up to the task.

On the people side of the equation, sales and use tax complexities can stress even the most talented finance team. There often is little time to dive into process issues or to research changes across tax jurisdictions. Instead, many rely on their systems to apply taxes correctly—and hope for the best.



• Growing state and local audit pressures

• Shrinking tax talent pool

• Distributed decision making on taxability

• Complex reporting requirements

• Isolated systems and data stores

• Reliance on ERP platforms to apply tax correctly

apexanalytix offers comprehensive sales and use tax audits to tame your complex tax challenges. Our goal is to help you protect your bottom line and ensure that you pay only what you owe.


Cross-Department System Reporting Feedback Loop

Consolidating and sharing information across systems and organizations makes it easier to reduce errors, manage risks and reduce your tax exposure.



apexanalytix tax professionals recommend a proactive approach to sales and use tax, with a comprehensive compliance review conducted before you are faced with an inevitable audit by taxing authorities. By analyzing your potential exposure in advance, we can help you prepare a rigorous, fact-based defense. We review tax-related work processes, determine whether your payment systems are properly configured, analyze disbursement data, and recover sales and use taxes that you’ve overpaid. Also, as a way to offset any findings from an audit, we work directly with the state auditors and see the audit through to resolution, and the audit is contingency-fee based so we are motivated to drive results in a timely manner.



• “Reverse” audits to identify and recover overpaid taxes—designed to fit your operations and the states where you do business
• Expert defense against audits by taxing authorities
• Resolution of recurring errors related to work processes, ERP system settings and interpretation of complex tax laws
• Project-related research and consulting services
• Reports of taxes paid by state, vendor, spend category and other parameters

Each solution engagement is led by our team of sales and use tax professionals armed with firststrike®—proprietary software that can quickly analyze large volumes of data from disparate systems and payment platforms. We can isolate transactions where both sales and use taxes were paid, where no taxes were paid, and where taxes were applied inappropriately to specific vendors and commodity codes. This winning combination of experienced personnel and technology-enabled analysis means faster, better-informed advice and refunded claims. One example: our tax professionals found that the US operations of a Global 2000 company repeatedly paid both sales and use taxes on the same purchase transactions. We filed a successful refund claim for approximately $3 million in overpaid taxes.


What if I already have sales and use tax software?

Just like an ERP system, packaged sales and use tax software assigns a tax to goods and services based on the jurisdiction where the purchase was made. However, expert auditors working with Global 2000 firms know costly errors can still be made. An analysis of recent audits performed by our apexanalytix tax team shows significant overpayments were uncovered in each instance, despite the adoption of sales and use tax software.



HIGHLY SKILLED TEAM. Unlike companies who deploy armies of temporary workers to conduct tax reviews, apexanalytix has built its own, full-time team of highly experienced tax professionals who know multistate taxes inside and out.
EFFICIENT PROCESSES. Our tax professionals monitor ever-changing tax laws and help us create an audit plan specifically tailored to your operations. Project managers guide our work using processes honed through decades of experience with Global 2000 companies. We use technology to extract information from isolated systems and data stores and to analyze it as a consolidated whole—uncovering issues, opportunities and trends that might otherwise be missed.
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Each review includes an in-depth analysis using our proprietary firststrike software, which helps us find more and recover more in less time. The same technology can be licensed to monitor disbursements, assess tax compliance and generate reports on demand.
AIR TIGHT CLAIMS. Our winning combination of experience and technology-enabled analysis translates into successful claims. To date we have recovered more than 90 percent of the refund claim amounts filed with tax authorities.
PREVENTION FOCUS. Each sales and use tax review includes a comprehensive assessment of the problems we uncover. You’ll be able to prevent future tax overpayments by proactively resolving issues with work processes, ERP system settings, tax law interpretation and more.

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