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The apexportal supports all of your invoice automation needs through three e-invoicing options. Use our Secure Open Adapter to integrate your preferred e-invoicing network, our preintegrated invoice automation solution – the Basware Commerce Network – or our Simple E-invoicing Module for the long tail. Single sign-on, integrated enrollment, integrated navigation, and integrated file feeds create a seamless user experience for your suppliers.

Improve supplier relationships and program adoption with the apexportal, a central hub for all systems suppliers need to conduct business with you.

A survey conducted by Ardent Partners1 shows invoice issues dominating the list of challenges faced by accounts payable teams. The problems range from sky-high processing costs and lengthy approval cycles to a lack of visibility into invoice and payment data. As a result, global shared services and accounts payable teams frustrated with the status quo are now making invoice automation a priority. One size does NOT fit all, so they are applying a mix of invoice automation solutions—from ERS, to EDI, to web invoicing and PO Flip, to automated PDF processing, traditional scan-and-capture, and PCard—to reap the greatest benefits.

apexportal provides both you and your suppliers with a comprehensive, seamless solution for invoice automation, with tools to automate 100 percent of your invoices on day one—from submitting and tracking invoices to automated invoice coding, approval workflow, and updating your ERP. Through our Secure Open Adapter, we can connect the apexportal to existing invoice automation tools used by your business or deliver the portal with a complete, pre-integrated invoice automation solution connected to over one million suppliers and 200 interoperability partners, worldwide.


apexportal can connect with any invoice automation solution via our Secure Open Adapter. If you have an existing e-invoicing/invoice automation provider and want to keep them, you won’t have to worry about compatibility. If you prefer, though, we can deliver the portal with pre-integrated invoice automation tools from our partner Basware and its 200 interoperability partners. Together we offer a comprehensive, rapidly implemented solution that positions you for success.


apexportal is built on an open, standards-based platform. That means we can share invoice data seamlessly with commercial and homegrown ERP platforms and other business systems. We support a single, integrated supplier experience through single sign-on, integrated supplier onboarding and account creation, and integrated menus between the apexportal and any other procure-to-pay platform you choose.


Industry experts at Basware say adopting automation can reduce your invoice administration costs by an estimated 90 percent and achieve an estimated 65 percent straight-through processing rate. You’ll reduce manual errors and exceptions, reduce the likelihood of duplicate payments, capture invoices more quickly to support dynamic discounting, mitigate fraud and risk, and increase your visibility into cash flow for improved forecasting.


E-invoicing and AP automation are part of a comprehensive supplier portal. You can mix and match the modules with others that span the P2P lifecycle, including supplier discovery, registration, inquiry, statement audit, dynamic discounting, supply chain financing, risk management and performance management. It supports all your supplier-related enterprise systems and ERPs from a single portal.

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