While ERP systems can be configured to catch precise duplicates, auditors know from experience that none provide comprehensive protection against disbursement losses. apexanalytix firststrike® Accounts Payable can provide the lock-tight protection your business deserves. We help you identify costly errors and take action before funds are disbursed. The same powerful tools can be used to audit historical disbursements. We help you identify overpayments and missed credits, build automated claims and even manage the recovery process. Use the form to request a copy of our brochure.

Controls & Analytics Software

Prevent, protect, analyze and improve profitability

apexanalytix firststrike® has revolutionized procure to pay by helping companies safeguard disbursements and boost their bottom line. Using apexarchimedes™ cognitive technologies, firststrike’s suite of comprehensive controls and analytics software can detect and prevent overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for insights and predict results.

firststrike can extract, consolidate and analyze information from virtually any type of procure-to-pay platform. No costly or time-consuming integration is required. You get a single, transparent view of your global operations, including previously isolated data stores.

We offer four firststrike modules plus our Vendor Risk Analysis Service to help you transform your operations.


Powerful analytics detect and prevent payment errors that your ERP platforms won’t catch—as evidenced by the $2 billion firststrike users saved last year alone. In addition to uncovering duplicate invoices that slip through standard controls, firststrike conducts sophisticated “outlier” analyses to prevent overpayments. One example: Our software can identify the first invoice in a potential duplicate pair before the duplicate arrives for payment.


Tackle fraud head-on, while also reducing future risk exposure, with the industry’s most comprehensive collection of tests, algorithms and data sources. You can score your suppliers and employees based on risk factors and generate the data needed by investigators. You get comprehensive protection from bad actors and scam artists—whether they are outside your business or on your payroll.


Quickly transform large and unwieldy data stores into actionable information. You can analyze supplier files, invoice and disbursement data, purchase orders, P-card files and employee data as a consolidated whole. You achieve complete visibility into every aspect of your procure-to-pay operations so you can track and manage performance, isolate problems, uncover savings and improve controls.


Audit your retail operations and capture errors as close to the transaction date as possible—including missed promotional allowances, price protections, rebates, cash discounts, duplicate payments and more. You can analyze inventory turns and payment terms. Identify cash discounts taken or missed. View payments and invoices outstanding. Aggregate and report on data using virtually unlimited filters, such as merchandise category, region or vendor. You get a complete claims management system, from identification through capture.


Want to know if your vendors are high risk? apexanalytix offers a Vendor Risk Analysis Service delivered by our team of certified fraud examiners (CFEs) and forensic auditors. We begin with a comprehensive data analysis using firststrike Fraud Detect, but then take a deep dive into other potential risks within your vendor community. We uncover conflicts of interest, lapsed business licenses, liability concerns and much, much more. A detailed assessment report gives you a roadmap for remediation and improved controls—including detailed vendor risk profiles and employee-vendor risk matching.

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