Supply Chain Risk Management

No Surprises

Stop Fraud and Risk in Their Tracks

Unique supplier journeys by segment, spend and industry

Supplier data validated against 1,000+ trusted sources

Best practice, pre-built supplier questionnaires: ethics, IT, financial standing, business continuity planning, and highly configurable templates

Golden Record for every supplier

apexportal Supply Chain Risk Management establishes compliance and risk management best practices in an easy-to-use, self-service supplier portal.

Suppliers are automatically sent best-practice questionnaires based on their segment and responses are validated against 1,000+ trusted data sources.

Thousands of supplier data points are analyzed and turned into a consolidated score so you can quickly identify high-risk suppliers and approve those who meet your requirements.

Protect your company and its reputation from the first time you work with a supplier and over the course of the supplier lifecycle.

This is Master Control

Identify Fraud and Manage Risk in Your Supply Chain

Risk Scorecard

Insights from apexanalytix proprietary data, supplier questionnaires, and third-party fraud and risk sources to present one picture of supplier risk and potential fraud.

World Class Vendor Master Data with apexportal

Tests for critical data, proper formats like tax IDs, correct bank accounts

Continuously validates vendor and customer data against 1,000+ data sources and 90 million proprietary Golden Records

Alerts when data validations fail, suppliers are found on global prohibited lists, or operate out of areas with high corruption  perception index scores

Scrubs records of duplicate suppliers

Standardizes addresses based on global formats

Enriches records with missing contact names, emails, addresses and phone numbers

Risk mitigation starts with Supplier Onboarding

Prebuilt and highly configurable supplier journeys by segment ask suppliers the right questions, at the right time, in their language.

Suppliers input information themselves eliminating hours of manual work by your vendor management team.

Key fields are collected, data is validated, and policies are enforced in real time to ensure vendor master accuracy and global regulatory compliance.

Once the supplier is approved, the supplier Golden Record is automatically created in your ERP and synced with other systems via the Secure Open Adapter.

To be sure Golden Records stay Golden, supplier information is continuously monitored by apexportal. If something changes, the vendor master team is alerted for prompt remediation.

Risk Management: No Longer a Separate Department or Process

When risk management is integrated with supplier onboarding, you have a frontline control for compliance with ethics, IT and
business continuity, supplier financial standing requirements, and all your risk and policy standards.

Automatic Assignment and Workflow

Assign one or more questionnaires to your suppliers based on location, types of services or products, spend level or other characteristics.

Automated workflow engages your suppliers to complete their questionnaires, validate the information they provide, score their answers, and review and approve the relationship.

Remediation and Re-certification

If a supplier doesn’t pass all the risk criteria, an automated remediation process can be activated.

A search capability allows you to compare suppliers who meet criteria based on specific data attributes, for example, all suppliers in a geographical region who fall under a risk threshold.

“Where apexanalytix’s supplier management capabilities are a perfect match is for customers who are primarily interested in data integrity, financial security, controls and fraud prevention. We could not think of a better place to start on the supplier management and compliance journey than capturing, validating and maintaining accurate supplier information.”

Michael Lamoureux, Lead Analyst and Futurist
Jason Busch, Managing Director, Spend Matters Nexus
Spend Matters

Supplier Onboarding

• Extensive business rules to create unique supplier journeys by segment, spend and more
• Supplier data validation and continuous monitoring using over 1,000+ external trusted sources
• Bank account ownership validation against global banking consortium
• Automated supplier reminders for expiring insurance certificates, data protection agreements and other documentation

Continuous Risk Management

• Best practice supplier questionnaires: ethics, IT, financial standing and business continuity planning, and highly configurable templates
• Consolidated risk picture for every supplier with key metrics, risk scores and drilldowns
• Automatic scheduling of risk assessments (e.g. annual cloud computing compliance questionnaire for IT vendors

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