Supplier Registration

A 100 percent touchless solution for supplier onboarding

The apexportal delivers a 100 percent touchless, highly compliant, easy-to-use alternative to manual, internally developed and network-centric supplier information management processes. Simply invite a supplier to register in your portal, configured to your specific business needs, and the apexportal engages suppliers in their own language and guides them through the registration process. The supplier’s profile can be prepopulated with the best possible information available from apexanalytix’s smartvm® database so all they have to do is review and update the profile as appropriate. Key fields are validated, fraud risk is assessed and your policies are enforced in real time, to ensure accuracy and global regulatory compliance. Once the supplier is approved, the vendor record is automatically created in your ERP and other procure-to-pay systems using apexanalytix’s bidirectional Secure Open Adapter to keep everything in sync. The result is faster onboarding, richer and more accurate information, improved controls and continuous automated monitoring. Ultimately you have a single, trusted source of the truth—a golden record—for each of your suppliers to drive all of your procure-to-pay initiatives.


Most large companies operate in complex environments, whether multiple regions, multiple ERPs, multiple business units or multiple supplier types. Highly configurable business rules let you make sure everything you need to operate your business is captured, validated, and routed for approval. The system supports vendor masters from all ERPs, including multiple addresses, contacts, global Tax IDs/VAT numbers, diversity and more. Workflow and requirements can vary based on supplier type, region or other supplier characteristics.


apexanalytix is the definitive “keeper of trusted supplier data” thanks to our more than 10 million communications with suppliers each year. Our smartvm database contains over 90 million proprietary supplier records that have been scrubbed, validated, enriched and scored for accuracy. To make life easier for the supplier and ensure the richest possible record, the apexportal can prepopulate the supplier profile using our smartvm “golden record” so the user does not have to create their profile from scratch. They simply confirm and update the record as appropriate. Then, as we learn more about the supplier, new information—like new contacts, entity type changes and industry codes—can be added to the record based on your preferences.


apexportal validates supplier data through integration with over 1,000 global government, regulatory and authoritative third-party databases. As suppliers enter data (global Tax IDs, bank accounts, diversity status, etc.), apexportal validates the data in real time to ensure accuracy. Some errors are automatically corrected; some prompt the suppliers to correct invalid data; and others, like OFAC exceptions, are displayed only to the buyer’s approvers. Additionally, vendor masters can be enriched with additional data. For instance, diversity certification from 100+ Diversity, Equity & Inclusion databases can be appended to your
current suppliers.


There is no better opportunity to communicate and enforce supplier-related policies and drive strategic initiatives than during supplier setup. Leveraging the configurable business rules in the apexportal, different programs can be targeted to segments of suppliers based on a variety of requirements such as payment terms, required insurance certificates, diverse vendor certification, electronic payments and more. Once configured, the portal makes driving your strategy business as usual.


Supplier Registration is part of a comprehensive supplier portal that includes supplier discovery, inquiry, statement audit, e-invoicing, dynamic discounting, supply chain financing and more.

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