apexportal Cash Management is the only early payment program built on supplier intelligence for maximum yield, and maximum discounts with the most suppliers. Using proprietary Cash Discount Likelihood (CDL) scoring, apexportal recommends the highest rate that suppliers will accept to maximize discounts captured. With offers on a sliding scale, suppliers also have the flexibility to choose a combination of discount rate and date for their working capital requirements.

Unique to apexportal Cash Management, the foundation of Supplier Registration allows you to enforce standard or segment-based payment term policies from the start and append supplier contacts from apexanalytix’s 32 million golden supplier records. All suppliers, all invoices, all the opportunity are available for your early payment program.

Customize offers based on supplier segment: product or service categories, supplier size, location and more. Make it easy for suppliers to accept discounts by text or email: no log in required.

Flexible funding options let you use your cash, third party balance sheet or supply chain finance with your partner or ours. Set thresholds to change funding as you want.

Besides great technology, we have an expert cash management team to work with your suppliers to increase discount acceptance.

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