Routing Compliance Methodology

How We Do What No One Else Does

Most companies don’t do a routing compliance audit. Why? Identifying claims across multiple systems is extremely manual and difficult.

So we developed technology to automate the process and keep your shipping costs exactly how you budgeted. We do all the work, you get money back, and your suppliers get a reminder on how they should ship in the future.

Step 1: apexanalytix Gets ALL the Data.

Every siloed database across procure to pay via SFTP transfer or read access.

  • PO, AP Data
    • Quantity
    • SKUs
    • Price
  • Item Master
    • W x H x L
    • Weight
  • Freight Payment
    • Shipping Mode
    • Transport Vendor
    • Quantity Shipped

Step 2: Normalize the Data – NO ONE Else Does This!!!

The complete path of every order by joining data that was never meant to be joined.

PO# 142:

Quantity | SKUs | Price | W x H x L | Weight | Shipping Mode | Transport Vendor | Quantity Shipped

Step 3: Add in Your Routing Guide & Shipping Error Types.

Now we compare the actual shipping method to how it should have been shipped based on your routing guide.

Typical Routing Guide Parameters
  •  Less than 500 lbs.: UPS
  • 500 – 1000 lbs.: LTL
  • More than 1000 lbs.: FTL
  • Alaska and Hawaii shipments go to consolidators first
  • Incomplete orders: the reminder get shipped prepaid
Select Error Types
  • Back-order freight
  • Collections to be paid or prepaid
  • Failure to combine merchandise

Step 4: apexanalytix Processes Every Claim identified!

Every claim is accurate based on data from your routing guide and the actual shipping receipts.

The apex team answers any supplier questions and processes every claim with supplier approval (if required).


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