Prevent the event.

The event: Someone stole $1.2 million from your company. And got away with it.

This happens a lot, because hugely successful companies still confirm bank account changes with manual tasks like penny tests, emailing the supplier or calling an internal sponsor.

Our Bank Account Validation (BankPro) process stops this with a two-step automated process to prevent fraud…even if your systems have been compromised. This added layer of protection is on top of our already highly secure Supplier Management platform – which is used to manage 8.5 million global suppliers by the largest companies in the world.

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies, and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Secure supplier-facing portal to eliminate manual processes

Bank account ownership validation in the US, UK, Mexico, Ireland, Sweden, Poland, India, and the Czech Republic

Bank account confidence scoring for every supplier bank account change request

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