apexanalytix is a global leader in software and services that unravel the financial complexity of today’s global business environment. We help procure-to-pay organizations safeguard disbursements, reduce risks, boost working capital, and improve their productivity and performance. Our expertise spans four areas critical to the protection and optimization of the global financial supply chain: supplier management portals, vendor master validation and enrichment, accounts payable controls and analytics, and recovery audit services.

Our software and services are powered by apexarchimedes™ artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and IBM Watson® natural language processing—ensuring smarter recoveries, smarter controls, smarter working capital initiatives and smarter management of supplier information. To deliver software and recovery audit services to our Fortune 500/Global 2000 clients, we have offices and associates located throughout the world. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, we also have offices in Arkansas, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. To better serve our diverse client base, we’ve built a talented team of specialists fluent in more than 20 languages to meet global client needs.


“At apexanlaytix our corporate culture drives everything! We live our culture of performance, respect, condor and fun. We are committed and passionate about performance in delivering value to our clients and generating feelings of goodwill, trust and partnership.”

— Steve Yurko, Chief Executive Officer, apexanalytix


Audit & Recovery Services Powered by AI


Our audit and recovery services help you address the costly risks found in today’s complex global business environment. Our experts use AI technologies and analytics to identify and recover losses across a broad range of spend—from accounts payable and supplier statements to pricing and contract compliance, retail deals and more. Predictive analytics help us quickly identify suppliers that are likely to have a hidden claim, and our proprietary database of over 32 million supplier records allows us to quickly identify the right contact for claim resolution. As a result, we can generate larger returns and do it faster. Each audit is guided by our experts using refined processes based on decades of experience. Our team members are fluent in over 20 languages and have experience across industries and regions. You also get online access to our Audit View portal to monitor the progress of your audit in real-time.


Controls & Analytics Software

The Apex Platform helps you protect against overpayments, identify and investigate fraud, and analyze large data sets faster than ERP reporting. We use a secure open adapter to communicate with all your procure-to-pay platforms—consolidating and analyzing previously incompatible information. You get a clear, window into every aspect of your global operations, from supplier files, invoices and disbursements to purchase orders and employee data. With information at your fingertips, you can do more and do it faster. You can turn raw data into actionable reports in seconds, monitor operational performance, conduct “what if” analysis and identify strategic sourcing opportunities. You can even perform your own internal audits to recover losses and determine where you need tighter controls.


Supplier Management Software

The Apex Platform has the only supplier portal designed to support 100 percent of your suppliers, your policies and your source-to-pay systems globally. This easy-to-use, touchless solution for supplier onboarding and vetting can also power e-invoicing, early payment and discount capture programs, supply chain financing, and 24/7 self-service access to invoice and payment status. And it does so while supporting the global currencies, languages and compliance requirements vital to any global business. With the apexportal, you can integrate risk management into the earliest stages of the supplier life cycle and link all your source-to-pay systems companywide. Additionally, the portal is branded with your own logo and messaging to keep the focus where it belongs—on your company and your supplier relationships.


Vendor Master Cleansing, Enriching & Monitoring

Our apex software performs vendor master cleansing, enriching, and monitoring technology, eliminating the time-consuming effort involved in vendor master management. Big data analysis and robotic process automation make the process simple and seamless. As a result, you can mitigate risks and eliminate costly information gaps once and for all. smartvm scrubs, validates and standardizes information as it is entered by comparing each field to over 2 billion records from more than 650 global government, regulatory and third-party databases and The Apex Platform database of over 32 million scored records for suppliers to the Global 2000. To help you keep your records pristine over time, you receive alerts based on configurable business rules and an easy-to-use workbench lets you review and approve suggested changes and save them directly to your ERP.

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