A recent article featured in Inbound Logistics compiles recommendations from industry experts on the supply chain resources and recovery strategies businesses can use to navigate the challenges of COVID-19. apexanalytix SVP Danny Thompson contributed to the article and says:

“For U.S. manufacturers shifting to alternative suppliers, especially for medical supplies, doing so safely requires asking key questions to assess supplier risk across financial health, ethics, and business continuity preparedness.”

Thompson suggests that you ask three important questions before a new supplier is onboarded:

1. Do you have the working capital necessary to remain viable over the contract period with our company?

2. Do you have a documented and tested InfoSec continuity plan?

3. Are any key employees or senior management members of your organization a government or public official?

To learn why these questions are so important, read the article COVID-19 Supply Chain Resources & Recovery Strategies online at Inbound Logistic.

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