Meet your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives faster than ever using apexanalytix’s best-in-class supplier and risk management solution integrated with ESG Enterprise’s premium data, intelligent software and services.

  • More comprehensive ESG support to tackle Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 reporting.
  • More flexibility to support the many global reporting frameworks.
  • No barriers to supplier adoption.

Comply with the German Supply Chain Act and emerging EU and SEC regulations more rapidly and at lower cost with apex ESG Enterprise than with any other solution on the market

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s ESG?

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance” and although there is not a uniform and global framework to define and/or measure, several global frameworks are gaining traction. These frameworks seek to understand a company’s efforts and results around their greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, human rights violations, environmental track record and efforts, their pursuit/actions/results around respect in the workplace, etc.

Why is apexanalytix getting involved?

Because our clients are asking for it. ESG measurement of suppliers is currently a big and growing issue that the world’s largest, most successful companies are trying to solve for—whether due to their core mission, needs for supply chain resilience or growing global regulatory requirements.  We see it in nearly every RFP.  ESG Management, especially as it relates to Scope 3 reporting requirements, fits in perfectly with our products and mission to help clients manage global supplier information, risk and opportunity.

Why ESG Enterprise?

ESG Enterprise has been our partner for over a year, and is an incredible innovator in this space. By acquiring this innovative company we are now better able to serve our clients by even more tightly integrating ESG Enterprise’s capabilities with the amazing capabilities we have innovated with our clients. Through this acquisition we will also ensure continuity of service, grow our global client community and expand our global footprint.

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