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apexportal® InsurancePro with Certificial®

Insurance assurance.

Autonomous insurance compliance management.

Integrated with the Smart COI Network to validate, continously monitor and remediate gaps in your suppliers’ insurance coverage.

Insurance Gap Closed


No further action required.
Increased coverage levels confirmed by agent (Durham Insurance) for supplier (Tres Mal, Inc.).

Insurance Gap Identified

33 min ago

Supplier (Tres Mal, Inc.) and insurance agent (Durham Insurance) notified.

Insurance alert: Lawsuit incoming.

Equifax, SolarWinds, T-Mobile, Target...
They all had major data breaches.

This is why you require your IT vendors to have cybersecurity insurance coverage.
But those companies did it too.

The problem is: they only checked it once.

And now they have to pay for their supplier’s mistake.

Millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements and fines. Simply because they didn’t ensure suppliers always complied with their insurance requirements.

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Equifax To Pay Up To $700 Million In Data Breach Settlement

Equifax will pay up to $700 million in fines and monetary relief to consumers over a 2017 data breach at the credit reporting...

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Deadline Passes on T-Mobile's $350 Million Settlement

After a 2021 cyberattack exposed millions of customers' personal information, T-Mobile agreed to a $350 million...

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SolarWinds says it’s facing SEC ‘enforcement action’ over 2020 hack

The long hangover from a 2020 state-sponsored compromise still isn’t over for SolarWinds, as the software giant...

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SolarWinds says it’s facing SEC ‘enforcement action’ over 2020 hack

pony up $26 million to shareholders and face possible pony up $26 million to shareholders and face possible enforcement action from...

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SolarWinds says it’s facing SEC ‘enforcement action’ over 2020 hack

pony up $26 million to shareholders and face possible

Infinite Loop

All the time.

apexportal continuously monitors suppliers COIs (certificates of insurance) to ensure vendors always meet your requirements.

And directly validates the coverage with agents responsible for 90% of business insurance in the United States.

Your company sets insurance requirements once, and InsurancePro takes care of the rest.

How it works?

Supplier COI validation is fully integrated into apexportal’s supplier onboarding.

The supplier provides all the data.

InsurancePro removes the manual labor of your team – while giving you the assurance your suppliers have the required insurance.

All day. All night.

apexportal continuously validates supplier's insurance, getting all the details straight from the insurance agent.

And ensure they comply with all your requirements.

Automate. Everything.

Anytime coverage levels change, lapses, or requirements change, InsurancePro automatically collaborate with the supplier and their agent to remediate gaps quickly.

Infinite Loop

Automatically verify suppliers insurance

Ensure compliance

throughout the entire policy lifecycle.

Integrated into supplier onboarding

Reduce COI verification costs


of the business insurances in the

Automated workflows

to quickly remediate insurance gaps.

Continuously monitors coverage

Automated alerts

InsurancePro powered by apexportal®

Supplier Facing Portal

Supplier Facing Portal

Validate data in

real time

Avoid fraud with

Layers of Protection

Layers of Protection

Append and validate supplier information using


data sources

including tax ID, bank account ownership, prohibited lists, business status, diversity status, and insurance coverage.

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