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Get the gold. Make the rules.

The first truly fit-for-purpose enterprise master data management solution for the vendor and B2B customer domains.

apexmdm gold database background
apexmdm gold database background
Complimentary Master Data Assessment ​

Complimentary Master Data Assessment

Validate identity (tax ID, banking), confirm diversity status and assess risk of your B2B customer and supplier master data against 850+ data sources.

Out-of-the-box Master Data Management

Integrates fully formed vendor and customer records across every ERP and other solution in your vendor and B2B customer ecosystem, including parent-child and vendor-customer relationships.

Bidirectional feeds with each system keep everything in sync, with field contents and structures appropriate for each.

  • Quick to Deploy: Prebuilt data structure consolidates data from any source. No standardization process is needed.
  • Integration: SAP Certified (including S/4HANA), Oracle Gold Partner, and apexanalytix Secure Open Adapter.
  • Accurate Data: 1,000+ external data sources for validation and enrichment.
  • Auto-Remediation: Data exceptions are remediated automatically. Customers or suppliers are engaged when needed.

External data validation and enrichment

Reviews: 5-Stars (1,000+)

Everything is scrubbed, validated and enriched in real-time against the best possible external data sources (over 1,000 global governments, regulatory bodies and authoritative third parties) and scored for accuracy and age.

AI-enabled data remediation


Duplicates, exceptions and proposed updates are applied automatically, routed for review or ignored based on intelligent pattern analysis taking into account what apexanalytix knows about the vendor or customer, external validation results, proprietary trust scores, and the outcome of previous data quality decisions.

Customer & vendor participation

Break down
the 4th wall.

Sometimes the best data source is the customer or vendor, themselves. Traditional MDM solutions require Data Stewards or other internal resources to manage all data remediation, which creates delays and introduces greater opportunity for errors or fraud. Instead, apexmdm routes exceptions to your customer or vendor through a secure portal to correct bad addresses, tax IDs, minority status or any other field when they are the best source.

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