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Duplicate Payment Prevention


Vendor Risk Analysis & Fraud

Identify your highest supplier risk and potential vendor fraud

Vendor Fraud and Risk Analysis Service

Benefit from an End-to-End, Independent Assessment

Certified Fraud Examiners perform a comprehensive vendor risk analysis service – giving you the upper hand against costly vendor fraud, employee fraud, procurement fraud and other risks. While other firms conduct limited, random-sample vendor risk reviews, our auditors conduct a complete analysis for end-to-end supplier risk management. Sign Up for a Vendor Risk Analysis Health Check.

All your vendor-related information is analyzed using firststrike® Fraud Detect – our powerful, proprietary software tool that can quickly process large data stores from multiple procurement, payment and human resources systems. firststrike looks for proven red flags that can indicate potential P2P fraud and risk – from consecutive invoice numbers to a match between employee and supplier data (a strong indicator of employee-initiated fraud scams).

apexanalytix uses both public and proprietary resources to validate the results firststrike produces. We interpret, score and report on what we find, including those vendors representing your greatest risk. You will have all the information you need to investigate and take action on financial risks, OFAC violations, potential vendor fraud, employee fraud, policy violations, conflicts of interest, lapsed business licenses, liability concerns and more. We even provide comprehensive recommendations for underlying process improvements to help you shore up your internal controls. You will be poised to reduce vendor risks, improve compliance with policies and procedures, reduce your financial exposure, avoid OFAC fines and protect the integrity of your brand.

Key Vendor Risk Analysis Deliverables

Rank-ordered risk scores scores for each vendor

Employee-vendor matches, indicating employee fraud

Detailed profiles of riskiest vendors

Invoice anomalies

Prohibited entities in your vendor master

Recommendations for process improvements, new vendor controls and improved supplier risk management

The apexanalytix Advantage against Vendor Fraud

  • An independent assessment conducted by certified fraud examiners and auditors to complete your comprehensive supplier risk management strategy.
  • A laser-like focus on early detection and prevention.
  • Advanced analytics able to analyze all available data for red flags associated with fraud and risk.
  • Expert guidance in how to tighten your global controls framework for greater risk protection.
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What sets us apart: apexanalytix has the technology and know-how to conduct a comprehensive analysis of fraud and other vendor-related risks. Our experts analyze all your data to uncover red flags, identify suspicious patterns and provide the comprehensive background needed for an investigation.

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