Are all of your suppliers fully compliant?

Conducting compliance assessments at scale is difficult, and ensuring suppliers remain compliant is even more daunting. apexanalytix's continual data validation means you have up-to-date information regarding supplier compliance the moment you need it.


Compliance from day 1.

Ask the right suppliers the right questions at the right time. With segment-based supplier onboarding, you can ensure you’re gathering the critical compliance data you need. apexanalytix provides thorough registration for suppliers, and validates the submitted information across 1000+ trusted data sources.


The apex platform’s supplier-facing portal supports flexible business rules and a fully automated, custom compliance process that aligns with any and all necessary compliance rules, such as HIPAA/BAA, insurance, prohibited lists, etc.

Compliance data needs to be updated over time. The apex Platform enables you to continuously monitor for compliance-related events like bank account changes, appearances on prohibited lists, or negative news articles.

A visual representation of the capability within the apexportal platform

Internal Compliance

With over 20+ pre-built surveys and 400K customizable business rules, you can confidently onboard suppliers by asking them the right questions about their business practices.

Regulatory Compliance

Evaluate if suppliers are meeting critical regulatory requirements from governments and regulatory bodies, such as labor laws and HIPAA/BAA. Avoid fines, disruptions, or reputational damage from supplier non-compliance.

Tax Compliance

Automated tax ID/VAT validation is the fastest way to confirm the identity of your supplier or customer. Reduce manual labor and risk of non-compliance fines with data validation from government sources.


A supplier portal that drives compliance.

Healthcare organizations are under increased pressure to delivery high quality care while reducing costs and complying with all regulatory controls. Northwestern Medicine is an integrated healthcare system with physicians, researchers and patients as stakeholders and an extensive mix of suppliers to support them. How can a supplier portal help them achieve their mission to excel in academic distinction, scientific discovery and patient safety?

Watch the webinar below to learn how supplier portals contribute to strengthening regulatory and compliance controls, fraud detection and prevention, and increasing working capital.


Get alerted to what matters.

Quickly identify compliance issues so you can take action.


Workflows for Alerts

Don't get bogged down by constant, noisy alerts. apexanalytix helps you create automations that will notify you when action is needed, making it easy to manage risk while also managing your time.

Data Trust

Risk Scorecard

See high-risk suppliers at-a-glance and approve those who meet your requirements. apexanalytix combines proprietary data, supplier questionnaires, and third-party data sources to surface all ongoing supplier risk factors.


World-Class Vendor Master Data

Know your suppliers better than they know themselves. With 850+ data sources, 50M+ supplier records, and predictive analytics, apexanalytix equips you with a complete data picture on every supplier.


Supplier Questionnaires

Ask your suppliers the right questions, at the right time, in their language. Create segment-specific supplier questionnaires to inquire about ethics, IT, financial standing, business continuity planning, data policies, and more.

AI Insights

AI-Enabled Global Insights

Operationalize news articles like never before. The apexanalytix platform uses cutting-edge technologies to read and score 300,000 articles every day to discover and alert you to threats in your supply chain.

Continuous Validation

Continuous Risk Management

The apexanalytix platform automates supplier reminders for expiring insurance certificates, data protection agreements and other documentation. You can also schedule ongoing risk assessment surveys (e.g. annual cloud computing compliance questionnaire for IT vendors).

Ultimate supplier management.

Protect your company’s reputation and revenue from the first time you engage with a supplier and throughout the supplier lifecycle.

Supplier Management

Every. All. 100%

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Intelligent Data

Data in. Gold out.

The fastest way to validate and enrich your third-party data with APIs tapping 1,000+ trusted data sources and 100 million company golden records.

Supplier Risk Management

Disrupt the disruption.

Prevent fines, fraud and supply chain disruptions with continuous monitoring of your supply base – without the noise.


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How to Bring Risk and Compliance into a Unified Supplier Management Process


How Northwestern Medicine Uses Their Supplier Portal to Drive Compliance, Reduce Fraud and Improve Working Capital

Case Study

Using a Supplier Portal to Drive Compliance, Reduce Fraud and Improve Working Capital

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