Enhance your oversight of vendor cyber risk

How you could improve cyber risk visibility and collaboration across stakeholders with the speed, scale and actionability you need to power risk-aware decision-making through the vendor lifecycle.



Bring vendor cyber risk visibility into scope, with automated assessments, ongoing monitoring and incident alerts.


Internal stakeholders gain access to reports and share concerns with vendors to verify their remediations.


Automations engage stakeholders in risk-aware decision making at every stage of the vendor management lifecycle.

Enhanced oversight of a critical risk to vendors

Monitor vendors for cyber risks and incidents from sourcing through to offboarding.

If your priorities require cyber risk oversight and collaboration at scale, apexanalytix Cyber Risk is here to help.

Cloud computing

Powerful technology

Gain assessments, monitoring and insights through our standalone Cyber Risk platform or alongside other risk factors within apexportal.


Meaningful service

Enjoy the experience and insights of our vendor cyber risk experts. Gain a level of service that complements your in-house capabilities.

Scale up

Impressive scale

Don’t pick-and-choose the vendors you care about. Monitor them all for emerging vulnerabilities with a capability built for scale.


Crucial usabiltiy

If delivered through apexportal, encourage adoption through business rules and automations aligned to your internal policies.


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Speak with our experts to explore how we can support your vendor cyber risk management strategy with automated assessments and ongoing management to match your processes.