Supplier, are you there?

Finding the right supplier can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Businesses often struggle with the time-consuming process of vetting potential suppliers, ensuring their reliability and negotiating terms.



Average time spend on supplier discovery. 1

Procurement teams spends 29% of their time on supplier management tasks including discovery, vetting and risk analysis.

1Deloitte 2022



Discovering suppliers in new geographies.2

Companies say discovering new suppliers in new geographies is a significant challenge.

2SCI Supplier Discovery Report 2022



Average time to complete a single supplier search.3

Many companies face significant operational costs due to the long time consuming process to complete a single supplier search.

3Mckinsey 2021


Trusted. Suppliers.

The apexanalytix helps you find suppliers for goods and services. Suppliers who want to do business with you preregister online.

Source suppliers by searching preregistered suppliers, current suppliers, and our apex database of 100M+ proprietary supplier records with contacts.

Allow Suppliers To Raise Their Hands
  • Allow Suppliers To Raise Their Hands

  • Set Your Own Rules

  • Search Your Suppliers And Ours - On Demand

  • Trusted Supplier Records

  • Easily Convert Candidates To Approved Suppliers

  • Leverage A Broad Ecosystem

Allow Suppliers To Raise Their Hands

Discover new suppliers interested in partnering with you using Supplier Discovery module.

Publicize your portal sign-up page, send out online invitations, and even set up a real-time information kiosk at industry conferences.

Set Your Own Rules

Set your own preregistration rules, have suppliers provide essential details through a concise form, and decide what information is mandatory.

With automatic validation for entries like addresses and Tax IDs, you can ensure accuracy.

Search Your Suppliers And Ours - On Demand

Built-in search capabilities let you use a variety of selection criteria to quickly identify the best suppliers for your sourcing needs.

You can search your prospect database, your current supplier records and our apex platform database.

Trusted Supplier Records

Discover apex platform database that offers top-notch vendor records for over 100 million suppliers.

Leveraging over 10 million supplier communications annually, robotics, and machine learning, we tap into over 2 billion records from 1000+ global databases.

The result is the most complete database of active and trusted supplier records on the market.

Easily Convert Candidates To Approved Suppliers

Identify your prospect with a simple click, invite them to complete full registration via the Supplier Registration module.

Your configurable business rules for data capture, validation, approval and system update will take over from there.

Leverage A Broad Ecosystem

Integrate with modules across the P2P lifecycle, including registration, inquiry, audit, discounting, financing, e-invoicing, risk management, and document exchange.

All your supplier-related systems and ERPs are supported from a single portal.

Related Use Cases

Your portal. Done your way

Flexible apex platform modules cover the full day in the life of your P2P team and your suppliers.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

No one bank account change control will prevent payment fraud. Layers of protection are needed to prevent the many different techniques of evading your controls.

Risk Management

Supplier Risk Management

Ask suppliers the right questions at the right time with pre-built and highly configurable supplier journeys for an accurate picture of risk in your supplier ecosystem.

Bank Ownership

Bank Account Ownership Validation

The most effective bank account change control is automated validation directly with the bank. It isn’t available everywhere, but needs to be part of payment fraud prevention program.


Cyber Vulnerability & Threat Assessments

Your suppliers' cybersecurity is now your problem. Scan the open and hidden internet to identify suppliers that are high risk for a cyber attack: ransomware, BEC scams or data breaches.


ESG Compliance Programs

Rapidly close global compliance gaps and deliver on your strategic ESG objectives with out-of-the-box best practices, premium data and supplier-facing collaboration.

Early Payments

Early Payment Programs

Maximize supplier adoption and discounts captured with an early payment program built into your supplier onboarding and management program.

Supplier Management

Every. All. 100%

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Supplier Risk Management

Disrupt the disruption.

Prevent fines, fraud and supply chain disruptions with continuous monitoring of your supply base – without the noise.

Intelligent Data

Data in. Gold out.

The fastest way to validate and enrich your third-party data with APIs tapping 1,000+ trusted data sources and 100 million company golden records.

Customer Stories

Peak performers
pick apex.

Whether long-form webinars or in-person conference presentations, our clients love to share best practices - what drives measurable value - with their peers.


faster average supplier onboarding
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“Game changing speed. We previously had a paper-based onboarding process and now we can do same day onboarding.”

Chuck Stefanosky, Supplier Diversity Director


increase in supplier discounts taken annually

“apexanalytix has exponentially changed our whole supplier onboarding process.”

Amy Platis, Director of Finance

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