This global leader in family entertainment operates multiple business divisions around the globe—from media networks and theme parks to consumer products. The company’s shared services team relies on industry-leading technology to drive efficient, world-class service and bottom-line value. Executives turned to apexanalytix for a technology-based solution for global supplier registration.

apexanalytix technology experts always listen carefully to our pain points and tailor their solutions in response—helping us automate our workflow and support our diverse operations globally.”

– Vice President, Transaction Services & Operations


Online supplier registration tools previously used by the company in the US and Europe were limited, inflexible and poorly integrated with its ERP platform. In addition, the firm’s vendor master file was riddled with inaccurate and incomplete information and with duplicate entries.

Executives looked for a new portal platform that would enable seamless self-service registration globally and provide a much-needed tool for improving and validating vendor data. The solution would need to support 18 languages and local market requirements in more than 170 countries, including varying currencies and formats for tax identification numbers and addresses.



apexanalytix provided a highly scalable portal that integrates seamlessly with the company’s ERP platform and can support the company’s 400,000-plus global suppliers. Information is entered online and automatically validated before being added to the company’s vendor master.

The new platform not only supports supplier registration, but is currently being expanded to incorporate apexanalytix cash discount management and supplier inquiry capabilities. It also operates seamlessly with the apexanalytix firststrike global controls framework used by the entertainment giant, including firststrike AP Controls for protection against disbursement errors, as well as firststrike Fraud Detect for protection against fraud and other hidden risks.



• Suppliers can enter and access information online in their language of choice with no training required.

• The company can specify various registration fields that must be completed and important documents that must be uploaded before a payment is issued, including tax forms, insurance certificates, certifications and more.

• Changes and new configurations that previously took 90 days to accomplish with the company’s previous portal software can now be completed immediately, which has eliminated a longstanding backlog of 200 change requests. The company has bidirectional communication between the apexportal and ERP platform, instead of the limited unidirectional communication available with its legacy technology.

• Risks are being reduced by automatically validating addresses and tax registration numbers (in countries where allowed). Seamless integration with firststrike Fraud Detect also enables the company to prescreen vendors for fraud at the time of registration.

• Security has been significantly improved, with all data transmitted to and from the portal encrypted. There are advanced secure log-in features, as well as the convenience of a single sign-on.

• Since the apexportal is a cloud-based application, the company and its suppliers can enter, update and approve information from any device with internet access.

• The apexportal has been well received by suppliers. Positive word of mouth from early adopters had many clamoring to use it even before it was introduced in their region.

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