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Why We Exist

Over the years, we’ve discovered that the most effective and successful associates at apexanalytix are people who have a specific combination of values, skills, and behaviors that we call The apex Way.

Grounded in why we exist, associates who are Hungry, Humble, and Smart achieve our culture of Performance, Respect, Candor, and Fun. The apex Way creates a company where associates enjoy their work, are respected and valued by their team and peers, make tangible contributions to the company’s goals, and have long, successful careers.

Ultimately, The apex Way is how we bring Our Why to life.

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Our "why" pushes us to be:


A group of associates who don’t think less of ourselves, but who think of ourselves less.


  • Self-aware and considerate of how our behavior affects others.
  • Resilient when difficulties arise, with the courage to ask for help.


  • Generous and kind in interactions with others.
  • Motivated by a desire to help.
  • A positive influence in the lives of colleagues, ourselves, and others.

Someone who puts "you before me".

  • Builders of safe environments.
  • Reviewers, refiners, and communicators of our group’s purpose.
  • Honest, moral, and courteous when engaging with others.
  • Embrace healthy conflict and facilitate peaceful, productive resolutions.
  • Trust others to do quality work.

Team players.

  • Mindful of the views of others.
  • Supportive of other people’s success.
  • Willing to step outside our comfort zone to contribute.
  • Able to set aside our personal agenda to support the group.

Our "why" pushes us to be:


Passionate people with something to prove.


  • Adapting, asking great questions, and being patient.
  • Exercising sound judgment under changing circumstances.
  • Ability to fail fast and use knowledge from failures to improve.

Constantly improving.

  • Owners of our work and our relationships.
  • Seekers of constructive feedback to continuously develop.
  • Individuals who seek challenges to cultivate personal growth.

The best at what we do.

  • Set high goals and work hard to achieve them.
  • Work effectively and manage priorities.
  • Biased toward action and accountable for our results.


  • Always curious.
  • Creative thinkers.
  • Generators of high-quality solutions.

Our "why" pushes us to be:


Smart enough to know that there’s always more to learn.


  • Students of emotional intelligence.
  • Active listeners.
  • Champions of diverse thought, background, and cultures.
  • Thoughtful, candid, and respectful communicators.

Lifelong learners.

  • Knowledgeable about our field and technical skills.
  • Developing both personally and professionally.
  • Learning and applying best practices.

Experts about our business.

  • Knowledgeable of key domains such as P2P, Accounts Payable, and Supply Chain.
  • Able to describe what we offer to clients and what sets us apart.

Fast thinkers.

  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Analytical, data-driven, and research-oriented.
  • Attentive to detail.

We achieve our “why” through our culture of:


Our culture thrives on transparency and open lines of communication. Candor takes courage and makes us more efficient and effective.

We achieve our “why” through our culture of:


Honoring, respecting, and embracing the rich dimensions of diversity in one another – our different perspectives, experiences, and cultures – is the foundation of our performance.

We achieve our “why” through our culture of:


Performance drives everything at our company. We must perform for our clients consistently, which results in our company’s strong performance. A passion for learning is in our collective DNA and we constantly seek out opportunities to improve ourselves and our performance. We are all owners of our company who share responsibility for our continued success.

We achieve our “why” through our culture of:


We work hard, and we believe work can be fun. We create opportunities to celebrate our teams and have fun together, and we enjoy the many ways we contribute to their communities.

Why we exist:

To positively impact the lives and careers of our associates, customers, and partners.