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Enhanced risk visibility at scale

Automatically identify cyber vulnerabilities and attacks within your supply chain, providing key insights to help prevent data breaches and operational disruptions.



of your suppliers monitored for vulnerabilities.

Monitor any supplier with a website, so every third-party in your ecosystem could be re-assessed weekly for the common vulnerabilities that cyber criminals try to exploit.



to assess a new supplier.

Even non-technical teams can gain actionable insight into any supplier’s cyber vulnerability levels in just 6 seconds. No technical expertise required.



to discover incidents on the dark web.

You could reduce your time to detect a compromised business partner from months to hours - at a time when a fast response could make all the difference.


Enhanced risk visibility, built into apexportal

Empower your teams to avoid disruption, prevent data loss and mitigate unexpected costs. apexanalytix | Cyber Risk is available within apexportal, streamlining cyber risk management as part of your routine workflows.

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Automated vulnerability assessments require no employee or supplier input, offering impactful insights with minimal resource investment.


Continuous monitoring highlights threats and incidents impacting the companies you rely upon most, sometimes before they even know.


Actionable risk information delivered when it matters. Context and insights mean your time can collaborate meaningfully with suppliers.


Enhanced oversight of a critical threat to supply chains

Supply chain attacks can be expensive, disruptive and harmful. Enhance your risk oversight, gain up-to-date reporting and receive notifications of cyber attacks & data breaches among suppliers.

Fraud Prevention

Enhanced resilience

Reduce disruption by identifying issues early and respond quickly when incidents occur which could impact your supply chain.


Reputational safeguards

Mitigate the risk of high-profile data breaches and disruptions, safeguarding your organization's reputation.

Supplier Comms

Streamlined collaboration

Simplify supplier interactions with integrated, easy-to-share reports containing clear descriptions and actionable insights.


Improved efficiency

Increase supplier cyber risk visibility without increasing manual efforts, allowing teams to focus on risk management activities rather than administrative tasks.


Strategic insight

Empower decision-makers with up-to-date information for smart, risk-aware strategies that enhance supply chain security and operational resilience.


Stakeholder visibility

Enable organization-wide access to risk data, fostering collaboration and boosting confidence in decision-making.


Cyber risk is a business risk. Manage it like one.

Enhance your oversight of cyber risks within your third-parties. With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, technical teams can assess it, non-technical teams can monitor it, suppliers can manage it and everyone can report on it.


Cyber risks evolve quickly. So does your oversight.

Dramatically reduce the time and effort to identify and respond to supplier cyber risks and incidents, helping to minimize operational disruption.


At-scale coverage of cyber risk in your supply chain.

Gain up to 100% supplier coverage, reducing gaps in your risk visibility and promoting resilience at scale.


Extensive risk and incident monitoring across your suppliers.

Broaden your risk horizon with extensive monitoring capabilities, encompassing both existing vulnerabilities and emerging threats.


Tailored support to complement your existing teams and processes.

Build a support package that works for you, supporting adoption and ensuring apexanalytix | Cyber Risk aligns perfectly with your risk management strategy.

By role

Empower business-wide strategy with one supplier cyber risk solution.

Business-wide risks demand a business-wide approach. With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, different teams access the same information, informing consistent strategies and a collaborative approach.

  • Procurement
  • Security
  • Finance
Procurement professional


Procurement teams receive clear, actionable insights into supplier risks, with numerical scores and plain-language reports for easy risk management.

Security professional


Security teams gain structured reporting into 30+ vulnerability assessments for each third-party, supported by dark web threat monitoring for critical suppliers.

Finance professional


Finance teams gain the reassurance that suppliers are being monitored for vulnerabilities which could lead to costly disruption or fraudulent activity.

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