FirstStrike® Software Technology

Comprehensive Tools That Help You Prevent, Protect, Analyze and Manage in New Ways

APEX Analytix FirstStrike has revolutionized the procure-to-pay industry by helping companies safeguard disbursements and boost their bottom line – wherever they do business. Our comprehensive suite of FirstStrike tools can help you protect against overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for new insights, predict results, streamline supplier management...and more.

FirstStrike extracts, consolidates and analyzes information from virtually any procure-to-pay platform, commercial or homegrown, with no costly or time-consuming integration required.

Groundbreaking Outcomes

  • Protect profits by proactively identifying and preventing overpayments.
  • Identify fraud, uncover employee collusion and determine whether you are doing business with risky suppliers.
  • Make transformative business decisions by turning isolated data stores into actionable reports in seconds.
  • Target the reasons for errors and fix them once and for all.
  • Monitor operational performance for continuous improvement.
  • Increase cash discount opportunities in return for early payment of suppliers.
  • Analyze spending to identify strategic sourcing and supplier leverage opportunities.
  • Drive down costs with self-service tools for supplier onboarding and payment queries.

You can use FirstStrike as licensed software or as a cloud-based service hosted and maintained by APEX Analytix. The choice is yours. In each instance, you’ll have access to high-impact training to ensure that you and your team know how to make the most of your FirstStrike investment.

"Your innovative, prevention-based model using technology has allowed our group to positively impact the company’s bottom line and continually provide value."

– Airlines Managing Director, Global Finance Processes


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Safeguard Disbursements & Improve Profitability

FirstStrike® Accounts Payable Brochure

While ERP systems can be configured to catch precise duplicates, auditors know from experience that none provide comprehensive protection against disbursement losses. APEX Analytix FirstStrike Accounts Payable can provide the lock-tight protection your business deserves. Want to know more?

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