Prevent Overpayments and Fraud, Improve P2P Processes, Perform Self-Audits and Make Strategic Decisions with FirstStrike® Software

APEX Analytix FirstStrike is a comprehensive suite of software that helps you protect against overpayments, investigate and prevent fraud, analyze large data stores for new insights, predict results...and more.

Using our innovative APEX Archimedes™ cognitive technologies, standard APIs, and our Secure Open Adapter you can consolidate and analyze previously incompatible information from all your procure-to-pay platforms, commercial or homegrown. No costly or time-consuming integration is required. You get a clear, consolidated view into every aspect of your global operations, from supplier files, invoice and disbursement data to purchase orders, P-card files, employee data and more.

FirstStrike software can be hosted on the APEX Cloud or installed on premise. The choice is yours. In each instance, you’ll have access to highly experienced consultants and to high-impact training – ensuring you get the most out of your FirstStrike investment.

Many companies adopting FirstStrike experience a complete ROI within a single month.

Groundbreaking Capabilities

  • Use FirstStrike AP controls to proactively prevent overpayments.
  • Identify fraud, uncover employee collusion and determine whether you are doing business with risky suppliers.
  • Make transformative business decisions by turning raw data into actionable insights in seconds.
  • Conduct post-audit analyses.
  • Target the reasons for errors and fix them once and for all – using what you learn to tighten your P2P controls.
  • Monitor operational performance for continuous improvement.
  • Analyze spending to identify strategic sourcing opportunities.
  • Play “what if” to get the greatest working capital impact by comparing inventory turns to payment terms.

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With FirstStrike, the Choice Is Yours

We offer five modules with the procure-to-pay controls and analytics you need to support your operations.

AP Controls: Continuously detect and prevent payment errors your ERP platforms won’t catch and conduct your own internal audit. Learn More.

Fraud Detect: Prevent fraud, uncover employee collusion and determine whether you are doing business with risky suppliers. Learn More.

Reporting and Analytics: Quickly transform large and unwieldy data stores into actionable information. Learn More.

Retail Audit: Conduct a self-audit of your retail operations to uncover errors and recapture losses closer to the transaction date. Learn More.

Decision Support Applications: Run a “what if” analysis, generate a high-level overview of results or drill-down into supporting details. Learn More.

"Your innovative, prevention-based model using technology has allowed our group to positively impact the company’s bottom line and continually provide value."

– Airlines Managing Director, Global Finance Processes

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04.12.18 Product Overview

FirstStrike Controls and Analytics Software

Prevent, Protect, Analyze and Improve Profitability

APEX Analytix FirstStrike® gives you a single, transparent view of your global operations by extracting, consolidating and analyzing information from all your procure-to-pay platforms. You can prevent overpayments, detect fraud, uncover important insights – and more

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04.11.18 Product Overview

FirstStrike Consulting

Drive Improved ROI and New Value Streams

APEX Analytix FirstStrike® has revolutionized the procure-to-pay industry by helping Global 2000 companies protect against overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for insights, predict results, streamline supplier management – and more. Our most successful clients have learned that the best return on their investment happens when they balance the right FirstStrike technology with expert APEX Analytix services.

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FirstStrike Security Overview Thumbnail
04.12.18 Product Overview

Security for APEX Analytix FirstStrike Applications

Comprehensive Protections for Your Most Sensitive Data 

APEX Analytix FirstStrike applications have saved companies billions by identifying duplicate payments, overpayments, missed credits and fraud. When you adopt our software, you can trust that we’ve incorporated the most rigorous countermeasures and controls – supporting your enterprise security strategy and protecting FirstStrike data from unauthorized access.

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08.01.17 White Paper

A How-To Guide for Preventing Procurement and Payment Fraud

Tips for Reducing Risk and Protecting Hard-Earned Profits

Though accounts payable teams have always had to contend with fraud, today’s scams seem to be more sophisticated and more costly than ever before. You may think “it can’t happen in my company,” but you might want to think again!

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