Mobilize every supplier with the industry’s only hyper-connected supplier portal.

The APEX Portal is the only portal solution on the market that supports 100% of your suppliers, 100% of your policies and 100% of your procure-to-pay systems. You get an easy-to-use, touchless solution for supplier onboarding and vetting, for ensuring global regulatory compliance and for continuously monitoring and improving your vendor master data. The same platform drives your working capital and discount capture programs, supports e-invoicing, and provides suppliers with 24/7 access to invoice and payment status in their own language.

But that’s just the beginning. The APEX Portal acts as a powerful supplier collaboration hub that links all your procure-to-pay systems companywide – with single sign-on and with integrated navigation, account creation and data feeds. Advanced technologies like predictive analytics, machine learning and robotics come together to help your portal do more than you can do on your own. Faster adoption, more-thorough validation, fewer errors, greater security and consistent application of business rules all lead to a greater financial impact to your business.

Best of all, the portal is branded with your logo and configurable messaging, keeping the priority right where it should be: on your relationship with your suppliers.

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Simplicity. Flexibility. Power.

  • A single supplier portal solution for all your suppliers, regardless of type, size, geography, or P2P automation network.
  • The industry’s only 100% touchless solution for supplier information management and working capital optimization. Everything you do today, the portal does for you, and more.
  • A global design that supports all legal currencies, languages covering 98% of global commerce and global governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) requirements.
  • Custom-tailoring to your business environment through highly configurable business rules and policies.
  • Highest adoption levels while recovering your overpayments through predictive analytics, automated multichannel marketing and global, multilingual personal outreach.
  • 20M+ supplier database of proprietary SmartVM™ supplier records, with contacts, scored for accuracy – 10 times the size of any P2P network.
  • 2B+ global reference records in 400+ global government, regulatory and third-party databases.
  • Hassle-free connectivity to all of your enterprise procure-to-pay systems and solutions, in a single supplier management portal instance, using our Secure Open Adapter.
  • 2M+ suppliers on board – more than any supplier network.

Your portal. Done your way. 

Flexible APEX Portal modules cover the full day in the life of your P2P team and your suppliers.

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Supplier Discovery: Source suppliers by searching preregistered suppliers, current suppliers, and our SmartVM database of 20M+ proprietary supplier records with contacts. Learn More.

Supplier Registration: Fully automate supplier onboarding; enforce policy and global governance, risk management, and compliance rules; promote strategic initiatives; and update all of your enterprise P2P systems. Learn More.

E-invoicing: Connect to your own e-invoicing provider, our APEX Analytix partner, or our Simple E-invoicing solution. Learn More.

Supplier Inquiry: Offer your suppliers 24/7 online access to invoice and payment status in their own language. Learn More.

Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing: Make the most of your working capital with dynamic discounting, supplier auctions and flexible supply chain financing options, powered by predictive analytics and a world-class, multichannel marketing engine for microtargeting. Learn More.

Supplier Statement Audit: Automate your supplier statement audits for faster recoveries and a lower cost per claim. Learn More.

Manage Your Vendor Master White Paper Thumbnail Image
08.01.17 White Paper

How to Manage Your Vendor Master

A Three-Step Plan for Getting Your Vendor Master in Tip-Top Shape – and Keeping It That Way

Do you know the signs that you need to clean your vendor master? APEX Analytix audit teams have found nearly 30 percent of all duplicate payments they uncover are the result of duplicate vendors or coding issues in a company’s vendor master database. Learn more about managing your vendor master.

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APEX Portal Detail Sheet
09.27.17 Product Overview

APEX Portal Detail Sheet

Mix and Match Modules to Meet the Needs of Your Business

The APEX Portal transforms the procure-to-pay process for both you and your suppliers. You can eliminate time-consuming manual processes and touchpoints, enforce and improve controls, prevent fraud and capture early payment discounts that boost your bottom line – all while improving supplier satisfaction.

Learn More
Supplier Portal Checklist White Paper Cover Image
08.01.17 White Paper

Supplier Portal Checklist

Six Features That Deliver Added Value to Your Global Operations

Best-in-class, self-service supplier portal solutions will undoubtedly deliver broad benefits to your bottom line. Read our white paper to learn six key features you should be looking for.

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Global Entertainment Case Study Image
03.30.16 Case Study

Transforming Supplier Registration Globally with Portal Technology

Global Entertainment

This global leader in family entertainment operates multiple business divisions around the globe—from media networks and theme parks to consumer products. The company’s shared services team relies on industry-leading technology to drive efficient, world-class service and bottom-line value.

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Webinar Part 1 Thumbnail

APEX Portal - Part 1: Smarter Than a Legacy Supplier Network

It’s all about your relationship with your suppliers, not your suppliers relationship with the network

Supplier relationships are complicated enough without injecting a third party into the mix. What if your supplier portal put the emphasis on your relationship with your suppliers – your information and processing requirements, your policy compliance rules, your payment terms and working capital objectives – and promoted all of our P2P initiatives, not only those sold by your portal provider? Smarter, right?

This webinar is the first of three in the APEX Portal series.

Webinar Part 2 Thumbnail

APEX Portal - Part 2: Touchless Supplier Information Management

Capture, validate and approve every field and form to onboard and maintain suppliers across your enterprise

Your vendor master is the foundation for everything you do in procure to pay, like who, when and how you pay. Just as important is how the accuracy and completeness of your vendor master data can make or break your strategic P2P initiatives; think category management, eProcurement and e-invoicing, electronic payment and working capital. To date, the challenge has been, how to improve vendor master data quality without adding costly resources and how to continuously improve it over time.

Please join us for the second in our three-part APEX Portal series.

Webinar Part 3 Thumbnail

APEX Portal - Part 3: Working Capital Optimization Requires SIM

How the APEX Portal can help you improve working capital and drive other strategic P2P initiatives

A robust vendor master supports a wide variety of strategic initiatives. A good example is Working Capital Optimization, including payment terms extensions and early payment programs. “One size fits all” does not apply when it comes to working capital.

Please join us for the third and final part in our APEX Portal series.

Vendor portal technology is a top priority for financial services teams. APEX Analytix Compass Benchmarking Surveys show that financial shared services teams rank vendor portal technology as one of their top two investment priorities based on the value it can deliver to their business.