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Utility & Business Services Audits

recover from billing errors on utilities & business services

Identify Costly Billing Errors

Achieve Savings That Benefit Your Business for Years to Come

Are those “routine” payments for utilities and business services actually creating an unexpected drain on your bottom line? Expert auditors say the answer may be yes. Monthly bills for telecommunications services, power, waste services, equipment rental, package delivery and even worker’s compensation can harbor a host of errors that lead to recurring losses.

One example: A recent audit of five years of telecommunications invoices for the U.S. Coast Guard identified more than $4 million in carrier billing errors. Experts found charges that exceeded published rates, unapplied discounts, inconsistent charges for the same service, unauthorized “third-party” charges, unexpected increases in line charges – and more.

apexanalytix partners with Tryon Clear View Group to deliver the expert audit services you need to protect your operations from errors buried deep within complex bills. No upfront investment is required. Instead, our services are performance-based. If we fail to identify savings, no fee is assessed.

Optimize Value Across Multiple Types of Spending with apexanalytix Global Compliance Solutions

Prevent losses and optimize value across both your direct and indirect spend

apexanalytix has expert people, processes and software analytics to help you address even your toughest global compliance challenges – producing breakthrough results that can transform your operations and improve your profitability. We help you identify and recover losses and steadily build new value across many distinct types of corporate spending. apexanalytix is your one-stop shop for identifying and recovering losses across many distinct types of corporate spending.

  • Direct Spend: Our pricing compliance experts help you find and recover losses associated with direct spending in support of product production.
  • Indirect Spend: We provide multiple services through apexanalytix experts and partners.
  • Our contract compliance experts help you find and recover losses associated with indirect spending in support of the general operation of your business.
  • Our advertising and media compliance partner Firm Decisions helps us determine whether the complex advertising and media invoices you receive match actual approved expenditures.

Experience the apexanalytix-Tryon Clear View Advantage

  • Benefit from our national database of best-in-class utilities pricing.
  • Receive an exact and verifiable audit report.
  • Achieve savings that can accrue for years to come.
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Protect your operations from errors hidden deep within complex bills.

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