Global Audit Solutions

Recover More Lost Profits in Less Time

Today’s global business environment has never been more complex, with increasing profit pressures and transactions that span multiple country borders and currencies. To maximize returns, you need to protect your bottom line from payment errors, fraud and other hidden procure-to-pay risks.

Recovery audits can be an important tool in your profit-protection arsenal, and that’s where APEX Analytix excels. We routinely work with large global corporations to audit accounts payable, contract compliance, escheatment, freight, fraud risks, media expenditures, pricing, retail deals, statements, taxes and more. Our clients benefit from industry-leading recovery rates and from technology that significantly shortens the audit process – helping you recover lost profits more quickly than ever before. 

The APEX Analytix Advantage

  • Highly skilled, certified experts fluent in more than 20 languages and experienced in the precise industries and regions where you do business.
  • Global Centers of Excellence that help you get more out of your audit engagement, with consistent, repeatable processes that are finely honed based on decades of experience.
  • APEX Analytix FirstStrike® software tools that help us quickly consolidate and analyze a wide range of data from disparate purchasing and disbursement systems.
  • Online access to audit status via our FirstStrike Audit View portal, allowing you to track our progress and the results we’re achieving, all in real time.
  • Predictive models that allow us to forecast the recoveries you can expect and which suppliers they are likely to come from – helping us achieve the fastest returns in the shortest possible time.
  • Client relationship officers skilled in pursuing recoveries without ruffling the feathers of valued suppliers who are crucial to your business.
  • Root cause analysis of the issues we uncover and recommendations for process improvements that can reduce future losses across your global operations.
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Delivering Measurable Returns

Global Audit Services Brochure

The global business environment has never been more challenging. Companies are faced with increased competition, growing profit pressures and operations that routinely span multiple country borders and currencies. APEX Analytix recovery audit services can be an important tool in your profit-protection arsenal—helping you recapture overpayments, identify and resolve process issues and establish a baseline for continuous improvement in your financial performance. Want to know more?

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