Master Data Assessment

How do you know if your master data is complete and accurate?

Without it, you lack the solid foundation needed for strategic sourcing, target marketing, customer service delivery and a host of other business-critical strategies.

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Bad data leads to bad outcomes

Let us help you win the war against bad master data.

Annual risks from bad vendor data

You may be unable to halt payment errors or to identify fraudsters by prohibited entities.

5% of corporate revenues lost to fraud globally

$1.3B in OFAC fines ranging from $40K to $657M

30% of duplicate payments triggered by bad or missing vendor master data

Annual risks from bad customer data

You may lose business or make bad business decisions based on bad customer data.

25% of US and UK businesses have lost a customer due to incomplete or inaccurate data

20% have lost money by offering too much credit

19% suffer from inaccurate financial forecasts

21% of media budgets have been wasted due to poor data 


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