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Help your employees,
help your suppliers,
help your company,
help your community

get through this crisis stronger than ever.

Hello apexanalytix community,

In the past couple months, COVID-19 has created a great deal of concern and uncertainty around the globe and we want to reassure you that your continuity and security remain our top priority. Please know that we are fully operational and committed to being responsive to your needs as this situation evolves.

Many of you are in essential businesses. You and your associates are making sacrifices that help ensure our safety while delivering the goods and services our communities need. For you, we are all so thankful.

We of course are fully committed to support our clients and all of our mutual projects through this challenging time. We have taken steps to ensure continuity in audit services, software consulting services and software solution delivery for all of our customers and partners. Our secure remote working practices enable our staff to communicate and collaborate with you and your suppliers, regardless of location, while preserving our mutual existing security and operational controls. 

Our partnership with you means the world to us and we are thankful for the opportunity to serve you.



CEO, apexanalytix

We’ve Got This.

You’ve taken care of the most important things: your people, your clients and your family.

We are here to help you take care of business problems with quick-to-deploy solutions to reduce risk and recover working capital.

Supplier Identity & Data Validation Portal
650+ trusted data sources: Banking, Tax, Addresses, PEP (anti-bribery), Diversity, OFAC, FBI, Interpol, etc.

Supplier Questionnaires
Pre-built supplier questionnaires to determine a supplier’s financial health, ethics, and business continuity preparedness.

Risk Scores
Quickly determine if you should onboard a new supplier with weighted scoring and track supplier risk profile over time.

Recovery Audit

Recover working capital and improve controls with three audits for the price of NONE.

The world is changing fast and so is your supply chain. How has this crisis impacted your controls? What isn’t working? How can you fix your controls?

Work with the largest commercial AP recovery audit firm in the world to recover funds and protect your company. And we are success-based. So no expense request needs to be approved.

Let's talk about coming out of this stronger.

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