IOFM Virtual Demo Day

Learn how the UPS team manages supplier relationships


  • Tim Pidgeon, Controller Coordinator, GBS Finance at UPS
  • Akhilesh Agarwal, SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions at apexanalytix


Every day UPS delivers 21.9 million packages and documents across the globe. Its supply chain is arguably the most complex in the world.

To continuously deliver customer value, UPS has developed a large global supplier base with an equally large amount of compliance requirements. Global government regulations, insurance certifications, and internal policies. Managing this used to consume the UPS procure-to-pay team.

apexportal simplified supplier management and gave the procure-to-pay team hours back in their day.

During this demo, we will walk through apexportal’s user experience to highlight how suppliers and the UPS team manage the supplier relationship.

  • Self-Service Portal: A better supplier experience that minimizes a supplier’s time at onboarding and ongoing.
  • Built-in Due Diligence: Segment-specific workflows and data validation against 650+ trusted data sources ensures compliance.
  • Working Capital Programs: Early payment and supply chain financing programs provide suppliers options to support working capital requirements and mitigate financial obstacles.