Invoice automation supported in two ways

E-invoicing can be a great way to reduce costs. But most companies struggle to find a solution that works across their entire supplier base. They tend to focus on their highest-volume suppliers only, while the vast majority continue to submit invoices as paper or emailed files.

The APEX Portal E-invoicing module solves the dilemma once and for all. We’ve incorporated multiple automation paths so you can capture invoices from all your suppliers, regardless of size.

For low-volume suppliers: Capture and process every invoice  

Use our Simple E-invoicing Solution to capture invoice images and header data that can be fed into your normal accounts payable processes. It’s a great way to target the long tail of low-volume suppliers who don’t participate in any invoice automation solutions you’ve already adopted. One bonus: There are no costs to your suppliers for participating. Suppliers simply log in, provide invoice header details and upload an invoice image along with any applicable attachments, which are fed into your normal invoice line item capture and approval work flow. The result is the most cost effective, most secure and easiest to implement invoice-handling solution for the long tail.

For high-volume suppliers: Keep your preferred partner or let us introduce you to ours

Use our Secure Open Adapter to integrate any of your existing e-invoicing solutions directly into the APEX Portal. You’ll have a single interface and a single sign-on for supplier onboarding, invoicing and other portal-based supplier information management functions – creating a seamless user experience.

Use our pre-integrated solution if you don’t have one of your own. Through our partnership with industry leader Basware, we deliver a rapidly implemented solution that positions you for success. You and your suppliers benefit from integrated on-boarding and navigation and from single sign-on between your APEX Portal and the global Basware Commerce Network.

Eliminate paper, automate processing and watch your costs plummet

  • Reduce invoice administrative costs by an estimated 40% to 60%
  • Reduce manual errors and exceptions
  • Capture invoices more quickly to avoid late payments and to benefit dynamic discounting and other working capital initiatives
  • Avoid duplicate payments triggered by multiple paper invoices or incorrect data entry
  • Mitigate fraud, risk and compliance issues with automated approvals and workflow
  • Increase visibility into invoices and cash flow for improved forecasting

Your portal. Done your way.

Mix and match E-invoicing with other APEX Portal modules to get the precise features you need.

Supplier Discovery: Source suppliers by searching preregistered suppliers, current suppliers, and our 20M+ supplier SmartVM database of proprietary supplier records with contacts. Learn More.

Supplier Registration: Fully automate supplier onboarding; enforce policy and global governance, risk management, and compliance rules; promote strategic initiatives; and update all of your enterprise P2P systems. Learn More.

E-invoicing: Connect to your own e-invoicing provider, our APEX Analytix partner, or our Simple E-invoicing solution.

Supplier Inquiry: Offer your suppliers 24/7 online access to invoice and payment status, in their own language. Learn More.

Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing: Make the most of your working capital with dynamic discounting, supplier auctions and flexible supply chain financing options, powered by predictive analytics and a world-class, microtargeting, multichannel marketing engine. Learn More.

Supplier Statement Audit: Automate your supplier statement audits for faster recoveries and a lower cost per claim. Learn More.

Simple E-invoicing
09.27.17 Product Overview

Simple E-invoicing

Automate Invoice Receipt for the Long Tail

With the APEX Portal Simple E-Invoicing module, you can target long-tail, low-volume suppliers who don’t participate in your other invoice automation solutions (e.g., ERS, EDI, TRAX). As a result, you eliminate the need for costly and error-prone mailroom, scanning and indexing operations.

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E-Invoicing and AP Automation
09.27.17 Product Overview

E-Invoicing and AP Automation

Eliminate Paper, Drive Straight-Through Processing and Strengthen Controls

The APEX Portal supports all of your invoice automation needs through three e-invoicing options. Use our Secure Open Adapter to integrate your preferred e-invoicing network, our preintegrated invoice automation solution--the Basware Commerce Network—or our Simple E-invoicing Module for the long tail. Single sign-on, integrated enrollment, integrated navigation, and integrated file feeds create a seamless user experience for your suppliers.

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