apexanalytix Receives Best Overall Scoring in Spend Matters Fall 2020 Supplier Relationship Management & Risk SolutionMap

apexanalytix has received the best overall score among 20 supplier relationship management and risk solutions evaluated in the Spend Matters Fall 2020 Supplier Relationship Management and Risk SolutionMap. The SolutionMap analysis ranks technology within the procurement and supply chain spectrum and is updated semiannually to show market developments.

The top ratings for apexanalytix is based on industry analyst and customer reviews of the company’s supplier relationship management and risk solutions including apexportal, the fastest growing supplier portal in the industry. apexportal provides a central hub for companies around the globe to support every supplier, enforce every compliance policy and integrate with every source-to-pay system. Supplier records are automatically validated and enriched using more than 650 trusted third-party data sources and a database of 32 million supplier golden records maintained by apexanalytix.

Spend Matters

With the five buyer personas perspective, every organization and need are covered to guide buyers in procuring the solution that will meet their business requirements. Spend Matters Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell explains: “Beyond feature/function, we look at the platform elements to see what’s real and what’s not. Some users look for configurability, others don’t. We reflect buyer needs against, for instance, the application of AI, user experience, low-code platforms. With SolutionMap, procurement professionals have this information at their fingertips even if they are not technology experts themselves.”

Which persona are you?

NIMBLE Persona
My organization: Dynamic, results-focused, limited IT department involvement, risk-tolerant of new approaches and providers; Often decentralized, rapidly growing, and/or middle market
We need: Speed to value, low pricing; Modern, intuitive, cloud-based software with optional value-added services

DEEP Persona
My organization: Highly sophisticated, rigorous, somewhat complex, risk-tolerant, happy to push limits of tech to create more value
We need: The most comprehensive, tailorable solution for the job; Best-in-class functionality, breadth, depth and ability to support our sophistication

My organization: Moderately to highly sophisticated; Unique process requirements from unique, often complex supply/value chains
We need: Emphasis on flexibility, modularity, configurability and internal/external integration to ultimately support my organization’s diverse and evolving needs

TURN-KEY Persona
My organization: Outcome-focused; TCO approach to implementations; Often risk-averse and skeptical based on previous experiences
We need: A combination of software capability and supporting services to contractually deliver results and a defensible ROI; Pre-loaded capabilities, content, and know-how

My organization: Strong IT backbone, high IT influence and investment for buying decisions; Big focus on security, standardization, control, and risk/compliance
We need: IT support and CIO endorsement; A new ‘skin’ atop existing systems to optimize ROI; Proven ERP integration, enablement and knowledge; Solution compatibility with IT standards

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