Putting the Supplier Experience First

How Northwestern Medicine’s Supplier Portal Impacted Critical P2P KPIs


  • Amy Platis, Program Director of Finance at Northwestern Medicine
  • Akhilesh Agarwal, SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions


Suppliers don’t want to fill out PDFs. They don’t want to scan anything. And they don’t want to wait for their payment.

Northwestern Medicine didn’t want their suppliers to do any of that either.

The supplier relationship needs to be easy and transparent so there is trust between both parties. Trust means that when an email is sent, suppliers read it. When a new program is launched, suppliers adopt. When a payment is pending, suppliers have an easy way to find out the status without calling the help desk.

The supplier experience builds momentum of procure-to-pay initiatives by respecting the supplier’s time. Positive relationships and trust drive procure-to-pay KPIs like percentage of payments that are digital and early payment discounts captured, which are some of the KPIs that track operational efficiency and bottom-line financial impact.

During this webinar, Amy Platis, Program Director of Finance, APM at Northwestern Medicine, will highlight how they:

  • Removed paper from the supplier relationship
  • Enforced compliance with automated supplier journeys
  • Gave suppliers an online dashboard with payment status and early payment options
  • Made procure-to-pay operations ready for COVID-19
  • Improved KPIs across procure to pay