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How to Bring Risk and Compliance into a Unified Supplier Management Process

Manage risk, drive compliance and boost your bottom line with apexportal’s automated workflows. 


  • Akhilesh Agarwal, SVP, Global Business Partner Technology Solutions at apexanalytix
  • Matthew Morookian, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at apexanalytix

If risk management and compliance are critical in onboarding new suppliers… 

Then why are they often an after-thought?   

It’s time to integrate your risk management and compliance as an uncompromised step in the supplier onboarding process, starting with the first step: supplier invitations.    

Say ‘NO’ to one-off email exchanges with suppliers and painstaking manual registration, and ‘YES’ to automated registration and onboarding (including bank account and tax ID validation) with apexportal.  

Join our live demo to learn how to embed a culture of compliance across the supply chain – starting with the supplier invite – by establishing a robust third-party due diligence program. Because, with apexportal, it’s easy to establish a standard, scalable operating model even while managing risk and driving compliance.  

What you’ll learn in this live demo:   

  1. How to leverage risk questionnaires to manage and reduce risk of new suppliers – stopping risk before it ever happens   
  2. How to identify red flags with automated risk scoring   
  3. How risk is implemented into supplier onboarding   

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