APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Global Supplier Portal: Registration

The APEX Analytix FirstStrike Global Supplier Portal delivers a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual supplier registration processes. Using a simple, elegant interface, your suppliers work online in their language of choice to enter information and upload required documentation.

The critical details you need are captured, verified, approved and automatically transferred to your ERP. As a result, you will be poised to enforce compliance controls, eliminate duplicate entries and confirm the validity of data – for a pristine vendor master.

Simplify Supplier Registration and Management

  • Enforce Compliance. You can easily configure rules requiring certain fields to be completed or important documents to be uploaded before a supplier payment can be issued.
  • Auto-Generate Forms. You can dynamically create W9/W8 forms and other required supplier registration documents on demand.
  • Configure on the Fly. You can easily make changes respond to workflow changes or regional variations.
  • Reduce Risks. Verify supplier data and flag duplicate entries for a pristine vendor master.
  • Work on the Go. Submit, manage and approve information from anywhere, with mobile alerts that keep the supplier registration process moving.

Leverage a Broad Ecosystem of Support

In addition to supplier registration, we offer three additional modules to extend your FirstStrike® Supplier Portal investment. Each is designed to support your operations globally in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Supplier registration tools provide a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual onboarding processes.
  • Dynamic discounting tools let you grow your bottom line by paying suppliers early in return for a discount on what you owe.
  • Supplier inquiry tools deliver 24/7, self-service access to current invoice and payment status.
  • E-Invoicing and invoice automation tools convert purchase orders into electronic invoices and streamline invoice processing.

Our FirstStrike Supplier Portal itself is part of a comprehensive FirstStrike family. We offer solutions to protect against overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for new insights, predict results...and more.