Get your house in order. Guard the front door. Lock the back door.

APEX Portal Supplier Information Management is the first and only solution comprehensive enough to get your vendor master clean and keep it in the best possible condition. We use a three-pronged process to help you prevent vendor fraud and processing errors and enable your procure-to-pay strategy.

  1. Get your house in order with our SmartVM® Service, the most comprehensive vendor master cleansing and enrichment service available on the market, paired with expert FirstStrike® Vendor Risk Analysis Service performed by Certified Fraud Examiners. Together, these solutions remediate any problems that may exist in your vendor master and bring your existing records up to world-class level.
  2. Guard the front door with the APEX Portal™ Supplier Discovery and Supplier Registration modules, which fully automate supplier onboarding, validation, approval, and vendor master updates for 100% of your supplier base. You get a powerful, touchless sytem for managing your supplier information, complete with fully customizable data and document capture; real-time validation against over 400 external government, regulatory, and authoritative third-party databases; integrated fraud risk scoring; automated workflow approval; and bidirectional integration with all of your P2P.
  3. Lock the back door with FirstStrike Fraud Detect and a SmartVM Subscription, which continuously monitor for vendor changes, regulatory issues and fraud risks.

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What makes the APEX Portal Supplier Information Management solution different and better than “end-to-end P2P networks” and other SIM solutions?

  • Custom-Tailored Fit. Every company’s business requirements are unique. Control environments, P2P strategies, ERP-landscapes and regulatory environments vary widely. Requirements also change over time, whether due to mergers and acquisitions or to changes in leadership, business conditions or government regulations. The APEX Portal's powerful business-rules engine gives you the configurability to custom-tailor supplier onboarding and the ongoing maintenance process. You can build your own environment and quickly adapt to changes over time.
  • Built-In Compliance. We fully automate compliance with regulatory requirements, company policies and P2P strategies. The APEX Portal is pre-integrated with over 400 government, regulatory and authoritative third-party databases and lists to validate everything in real time. Everything is covered, including supplier banking information, tax IDs/VAT registration numbers, global addresses, minority/diversity statuses, industry codes, prohibited watchlists (OFAC and others), and FACIS for healthcare. Proprietary fraud risk scoring helps you identify both supplier and employee fraud.
  • 20M+ Suppliers. Rather than logging onto a third-party network, suppliers log onto your own branded portal, especially tailored for your business. A fully integrated APEX Analytix SmartVM database of scored vendor master records gives you direct access to verified contacts for 20M+ suppliers to the Global 1000 – making it easy to engage and enable suppliers and to promote supplier adoption. Prebuilt “best possible supplier records” convert the supplier registration experience from a cumbersome “key everything from scratch” process to a simple “confirm and update.”

A Hub for Everything P2P.  Supplier onboarding is the best time to enforce P2P strategy and drive adoption of important initiatives – whether standard payment terms, e-procurement, e-invoicing, electronic payment or data protections agreements. It's a time when you have the supplier’s attention and their complliance is most likely. The Secure Open Adapter built into the APEX Portal makes it easy to tie all of your P2P systems into the supplier onboarding process, with single sign-on, integrated navigation, integrated account setup and integrated data, for supplier enablement to your entire P2P ecosystem. Configurable business rules allow flexibility by supplier type or other characteristics. Suppliers get a consolidated dashboard for everything you need them to do. The result is a single, seamless user experience that supports greater adoption.

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Your portal. Done your way. 

Flexible APEX Portal modules cover the full day in the life of your P2P team and your suppliers.

Supplier Discovery: Source suppliers by searching preregistered suppliers, current suppliers, and our SmartVM database of 20M+ proprietary supplier records with contacts. Learn More.

Supplier Registration: Fully automate supplier onboarding; enforce policy and global governance, risk management, and compliance rules; promote strategic initiatives; and update all of your enterprise P2P systems. Learn More.

E-invoicing: Connect to your own e-invoicing provider, our APEX Analytix partner, or our Simple E-invoicing solution. Learn More.

Supplier Inquiry: Offer your suppliers 24/7 online access to invoice and payment status in their own language. Learn More.

Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing: Make the most of your working capital with dynamic discounting, supplier auctions and flexible supply chain financing options, powered by predictive analytics and a world-class, multichannel marketing engine for microtargeting. Learn More.

Supplier Statement Audit: Automate your supplier statement audits for faster recoveries and a lower cost per claim. Learn More.

09.27.17 Product Overview


Realize the Business Benefits of the Best Possible Vendor File

APEX Analytix audit experts say nearly 30 percent of all duplicate payments are the result of duplicate vendors or coding issues in a company’s vendor master database. That makes maintaining a clean vendor master an important business imperative. But it can take extensive time and effort unless you have the right tools and the experience.

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Vendor Risk Analysis Brochure Cover Image
09.20.16 Brochure

Benefit from a Complete and Independent Assessment

Vendor Risk Analysis Service Brochure

You may think your vendors represent little potential risk to your organization, especially if you have prevention-based controls in place. Yet the threats can be real – from costly fraud scams to questionable business practices. Failing to vet suppliers completely can impact your profitability and even tarnish your brand. APEX Analytix offers comprehensive Vendor Risk Analysis services that can give you the upper hand. Want to know more?

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SmartVM Brochure Cover Image
09.20.16 Brochure

The Most Efficient Way to Improve Your Vendor Master

SmartVM™ Brochure

Vendor master files are the foundation of everything that happens in procure to pay – from who gets paid to how and when. APEX Analytix SmartVM™ Vendor Master Cleansing and Enrichment Services can help you mitigate risks and eliminate costly vendor master gaps. Want to learn more?

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SIM White Paper Cover
03.09.18 White Paper

Benefit from Longer Payment Terms and More Discounts Captured

Five Ways a Supplier Information Management Portal Can Help You Grow Working Capital

Working capital initiatives can be vital to the success of any business. They help you capture the cash needed to service debt, cover operating expenses and fund new projects that contribute to your firm’s future growth. If you work in procure to pay, you are in a unique position to impact working capital in a number of positive ways. You can adopt beneficial payment terms, offer early payment discounting programs, conduct audits to recover lost revenues—and more. Read our white paper to learn how a supplier information management portal can help you grow working capital.

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