Eliminate 60% of AP help desk calls and improve supplier relationships

The two most common questions that come to the AP help desk are “Do you have my invoice?” and “When will I get paid?” With the APEX Portal Supplier Inquiry module, suppliers get the answers to these questions and more 24x7 and in their own language. Suppliers get the answers they need – when they need them – without intervention by your team.

  • Consolidated enterprise visibility. Support all of your global enterprise AP and P2P systems with a single, consolidated invoice and payment tracking solution.
  • Global online availability. Suppliers won’t be limited by your office hours or call center schedule. They get visibility to invoice and payment status 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and in their own language (20 languages supported and growing).
  • Collaborate on exceptions. Suppliers see when errors or discrepancies prevent their invoices from being approved, and why. They can raise questions, online, and provide additional details to help resolve discrepancies.
  • Keep internal teams informed. The inquiry module can become an information and reporting resource for your extended internal users. Single sign-on from your network provides easy access, eliminating internal calls to AP.
  • Prebuilt integration. The Secure Open Adapter built into the APEX Portal make connecting your accounting systems a breeze. Pre-built ERP-specific integration for the major ERPs and standard APIs for any other system keep supplier information up to date in real time.
  • Experience a rapid ROI. Firms adopting our self-service capabilities typically experience a total return on their APEX Portal investment within the first six months.

Your portal. Done your way.

Mix and match Supplier Inquiry with other APEX Portal modules to get the precise features you need.

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Supplier Inquiry: Offer your suppliers 24/7 online access to invoice and payment status, in their own language.

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Supplier Inquiry
09.27.17 Product Overview

Supplier Inquiry

Streamline Your Operations with Self-Service Tools

With the APEX Portal Supplier Inquiry module, you can eliminate thousands of supplier phone calls by making payment information readily available online. Your suppliers get on-demand, 24/7 self-service access to invoice and payment status globally in their own language.

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