Set up your own touchless process to capture early-pay discounts and optimize cash

Early payment discounting is one of the hottest trends in procure-to-pay. And the Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing module offered with our APEX Portal can help you experience the benefits. We automate every aspect of your early payment program – from initial design and marketing to backend reporting. You will be poised to improve both your profitability and your working capital simply by paying your suppliers early.

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Turn accounts payable into a cash engine.

  • Predict. Use our APEX Archimedes™ predictive analytics to segment suppliers based on the likelihood they will accept your discount offers.
  • Design. Create a program that will meet the changing needs of your business and its suppliers. Offer sliding-scale discounts on any approved invoice. Base offers on fixed or variable rates. Set up online auctions where suppliers make discount offers and compete for your early payment revenues. Set thresholds to determine which offers are rejected, approved or sent for review. The choice is yours.
  • Market. Communicate your offer to the right individuals using microtargeting and multichannel marketing. Reach the right points of contact by leveraging our database of 20M+ validated supplier contacts.
  • Finance. Select on-demand supply chain financing to support your early payment program while hanging onto your cash. Third-party funders pay suppliers early for a discount, while you pay the full invoice amount on the original due date. Leverage your own strategic banking relationships or our pre-integrated APEX Analytix funding partner.
  • Manage. When suppliers accept early payment offers, your ERP is automatically updated, eliminating manual effort and keying errors. Configure approval workflows or establish business rules for a 100% touchless process. You also can monitor acceptance rates, track profitability and adjust your strategy over time.

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Your portal. Done your way.

Use Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing with other APEX Portal modules for maximum results.

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Supplier Inquiry: Offer your suppliers 24/7 online access to invoice and payment status, in their own language. Learn More.

Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing: Make the most of your working capital with dynamic discounting, supplier auctions and flexible supply chain financing options, powered by predictive analytics and a world-class, microtargeting, multichannel marketing engine.

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SIM White Paper Cover
03.09.18 White Paper

Benefit from Longer Payment Terms and More Discounts Captured

Five Ways a Supplier Information Management Portal Can Help You Grow Working Capital

Working capital initiatives can be vital to the success of any business. They help you capture the cash needed to service debt, cover operating expenses and fund new projects that contribute to your firm’s future growth. If you work in procure to pay, you are in a unique position to impact working capital in a number of positive ways. You can adopt beneficial payment terms, offer early payment discounting programs, conduct audits to recover lost revenues—and more. Read our white paper to learn how a supplier information management portal can help you grow working capital.

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Dynamic Discounting and SCF
09.27.17 Product Overview

APEX Portal: Dynamic Discounting and SCF

Optimize Early Payment Programs to Drive Discount Capture and Optimize Cash

The APEX Portal Dynamic Discounting and Supply Chain Financing module gives you the powerful tools you need to design and manage an early-pay discount program to meet the working capital needs of your business and your suppliers. You can offer automated, sliding-scale discounts and can even set up an online auction where suppliers can compete for your early payment dollars. Use your funds, your preferred funding partner’s, or our pre-integrated funding source for the long tail, IFG.

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IFG 3rd-Party Payment Option
09.27.17 Product Overview

APEX Portal: IFG Third-Party Payment Option

Flexible Funding Options for Early Payment of Even Your Smallest Suppliers

With the integrated third-party payment options offered through our APEX Portal, you have newfound flexibility in how you structure your early payment discounting program. You can hold onto your cash whenever you choose, while still meeting the cash needs of even your smallest suppliers.

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How Third-Party Financing Through IFG Works in the APEX Portal