APEX Archimedes

Cognitive Technology: Real-World Innovation

A revolution is underway in P2P! Meet APEX Archimedes™, an advanced cognitive technology and innovation system, supported by IBM Watson®, and integrated into APEX Analytix software and services to harness the power of the future through smarter recoveries, controls, analytics and working capital.

Built on the APEX Cloud foundation – the fastest, most compliant and secure advanced technology platform in P2P – APEX Archimedes combines artificial intelligence software capabilities including machine learning, robotic process automation and IBM Watson’s natural language processing. With this full-spectrum innovation system, Archimedes continuously learns, evaluates, predicts and executes to deliver financial impact.



Working Capital




Predictive Analytics

Robotic Process Automation

Virtual Assistants

Cognitive Computing


Machine Learning

Big Data Analytics

Social Listening

Natural Language Processing


Cloud Computing

In-Memory Processing

Secure Open Integration

Blockchain Enablement

The Archimedes Center of Excellence

P2P Experts and Technology Innovators

Cognitive technology is a core competency at APEX Analytix. For years, predictive analytics and robotics have been embedded into APEX Analytix’s FirstStrike® and APEX Portal™ software, for example:

  • Automated multi-channel communications based on continuous, automated contact scoring
  • SmartVM database of over 20 million proprietary, best possible supplier information records
  • Fraud Risk Scoring that triggers investigations of suspicious suppliers and invoices
  • Touchless Dynamic Discounting based on Cash Discount Likelihood Scoring

The result has been billions in measurable financial benefit for our clients each year.

Integrating IBM Watson is bringing new capabilities which allow Archimedes to:

  • Quickly identify off-contract pricing agreements buried in emails or other unstructured communications
  • Digitally interpret images and attachments provided by suppliers to ensure compliance, without human intervention
  • Interact with users around the world in their own natural language

With the growing potential of new technologies, the Archimedes Center of Excellence team of data scientists, P2P practitioners and technology innovators is working aggressively to identify, prove and integrate more cognitive computing into all APEX Analytix products where it will deliver measurable value to our clients.

"Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world."

– Archimedes c. 287–c. 212 BC