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Engage your Procurement team in supplier cyber risks

Make cyber risk management accessible for your Procurement colleagues through automation that identifies concerns, discovers incidents and empowers collaboration when it matters most.

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Engaging your Procurement team is just one benefit of the apexanalytix | Cyber Risk solution. Click below to explore more ways we help companies like yours to enhance their resilience against cyber attacks among suppliers.

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Do cyber risks seem too far out of scope for your Procurement team to manage?

Cyber attacks on suppliers pose significant threats to your operations, data privacy, and reputation. For companies with numerous suppliers, managing this risk can seem daunting. While InfoSec teams monitor IT vendors, Procurement lacks visibility—hindering resilience against disruption from direct category suppliers.

With Apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, your Procurement and Vendor Risk teams can identify emerging incidents, enabling informed decision-making and collaboration.


Used by teams like yours

Your Procurement team can to implement supplier cyber risk management processes at scale, using a solution created for speed and actionability.


They can address potential loss and disruption without in-department expertise; safe in the knowledge that, should concerns arise, the appropriate actions will be taken and they’ll be kept aware.

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Access any supplier's cyber risk report in seconds for efficient vendor management.


Easily monitor tens of thousands of suppliers to help reduce blindspots in your risk exposure.


Don't limit yourself to risk scores. Discover incidents and data breaches so you're informed when it matters most.

Awareness from onboarding
  • Awareness from onboarding

  • AI-powered automation

  • Clear dashboards

Awareness from onboarding

Your Procurement / Vendor Risk team can use standardized cyber risk questionnaires via apexportal during onboarding. This ensures an efficient process without manual intervention.

AI-powered automation

After onboarding, vendors are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities and real-world incidents (like data breaches and ransomware attacks). The apexanalytix Neural Engine assesses these risks and takes necessary actions, including alerting the in-house InfoSec team or halting payments to affected suppliers.

Clear dashboards

Cyber risk levels are displayed numerically alongside other risk factors on supplier dashboards. Vendor Managers can quickly assess the situation before interacting with suppliers.

Benefits & next steps

Cyber Risk Assurance: Track, Monitor, and Automate Supplier Security

Through apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, your Procurement team can gain a paper-trail of supplier assurance, supported by ongoing incident monitoring and proactive automations to help manage the risk of incidents such as cyber-related invoice fraud.

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