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Manage supplier cyber risks from vendor selection onwards

Don’t wait until you’re onboarding a supplier to consider the risks they carry. Assess potential suppliers in seconds to inform risk-aware decisions and seek assurances before contracting with new vendors.

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Assessing potential vendors is just one benefit of the apexanalytix | Cyber Risk solution. Click below to explore more ways we help companies like yours to enhance their resilience against cyber attacks among suppliers.

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Are you leaving it too late to start considering cyber risk for new suppliers?

If you don’t start managing risks until onboarding, you’re at danger of reporting concerns, not reducing them. The traditional approach of vendor onboarding forms is valuable but it could leave things too late. With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, you can assess and compare potential suppliers' cyber risk levels in seconds then share reports to drive collaboration from the outset.


Used by teams like yours

Your sourcing team can make risk-aware decisions with access to cyber reports for potential vendors in under 10 seconds. They don’t need to be experts to understand suppliers’ numerical reports and it can all be shared with the potential vendor to support transparent risk conversations from the outset.


If needed, your InfoSec team can even deep-dive into the cyber risk data, identifying specific concerns and seeking resolutions from vendors inside the platform.

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Under 10 seconds to assess a vendor, calculate a score and prepare your shareable report.


Assess potential vendors one at a time or upload entire lists to compare alternatives in one go.


Access overviews for non-technical teams or deep-dives for InfoSec professionals all in one platform.

Assess potential vendors
  • Assess potential vendors

  • Collaborate on risk awareness

  • Establish expectations from the outset

Assess potential vendors

It takes a matter of seconds to assess a potential vendor, even if our technology has never seen them before. You’ll gain actionable insights to help drive risk-aware decisions in moments without the need for in-department cyber skills.

Collaborate on risk awareness

Our reports are shareable and your vendors can access theirs for free. They can even respond with assurances about risk mitigation. This means you can efficiently collaborate on a critical business risk during the vendor selection process.

Establish expectations from the outset

Seek assurances from prospective vendors and start monitoring for improvements or concerns as they arise. Your vendor can see the same information as you and even be notified when issues need to be addressed.

Benefits & next steps

Supplier cyber risks, managed from day one.

Through apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, you can consider cyber risk in your vendor selection process for proactive, risk-aware decision making with a focus on operational resilience and data security. Fast, automated assessments benefit both Sourcing and InfoSec teams while vendors can engage through interactive reports.

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