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Discover cyber incidents among suppliers

Don’t wait for suppliers to discover an incident, investigate it, agree on their messaging and hopefully communicate with you. If your data or operations are in danger, you need to know.

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Discovering supplier cyber incidents is just one benefit of the apexanalytix | Cyber Risk solution. Click below to explore more ways we help companies like yours to enhance their resilience against cyber attacks among suppliers.

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How quickly would you know if a supplier suffered a cyber attack?

Timely, proactive action could be the difference between maintaining the trust of your clients and colleagues or damaging it irreparably. If you aren’t proactively monitoring for incidents among suppliers, you could be increasing your risk of unexpected disruptions or learning about a supplier’s incident through the news, by which time it might be too late to mitigate the impact.


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With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk you could know about incidents involving suppliers before they do, giving your team the chance to gain assurances about data security, mitigate disruption and take risk-informed action if required.


Your Sourcing and Vendor Management teams can maintain situational awareness to mitigate disruptions, while your InfoSec team follows best-practice to gain assurance about the security of your information (or take appropriate steps if it’s been compromised).

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Your team could learn about a supplier incident in hours or days, not months.


You can monitor vast numbers of suppliers, not just the few with the highest spend.


Automatically monitor for incidents ranging from stolen credentials to ransomware attacks.

Discover supplier cyber incidents
  • Discover supplier cyber incidents

  • Collaborate with affected suppliers

  • Maintain situational awareness

Discover supplier cyber incidents

Automated, ongoing monitoring of the dark web and other sources means you could be alerted of incidents ranging from stolen passwords being sold through to a full-scale ransomware attack. You could even know before the supplier does.

Collaborate with affected suppliers

You can share actionable information with affected suppliers and seek assurances around the impact to your business. Use this knowledge to inform your response; from managing disruption through to appropriate disclosures.

Maintain situational awareness

When suppliers are involved, cyber incidents aren’t just a problem for your InfoSec team. Your Risk and Vendor Management professionals can maintain situational awareness with reports and insights which provide actionable context, while your Security colleagues gain deep analysis to assist their best-practice response.

Benefits & next steps

Identify cyber attacks and data breaches among your suppliers.

Through apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, you could be notified when one of your suppliers suffers a cyber attack or data breach with the potential to affect your data or disrupt your operations. Stop relying on suppliers to be vigilant, honest and timely; gain actionable incident alerts built into your supplier cyber risk management solution.

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