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Collaborate with vendors to manage cyber risk

If you’re just collecting risk scores, you’re only reporting on risk. Proactively manage supplier cyber risk levels with interactive, shareable reports that prompt action from your vendors.

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Collaborating with vendors is just one benefit of the apexanalytix | Cyber Risk solution. Click below to explore more ways we help companies like yours to enhance their resilience against cyber attacks among suppliers.

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How do you communicate about cyber risks with vendors?

Vendor Risk professionals and Vendor Management teams have a difficult job communicating cyber risk. It can be highly technical and full of important details. Often, your contact at the vendor isn’t the right person to be speaking to. In short, collaborating on supplier cyber risks in hard. Fortunately, apexanalytix | Cyber Risk has a solution.

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Used by teams like yours

With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk you can share insightful, interactive reports with your suppliers. If your contact is the wrong person, they can just share it on.


Our reports inspire action to proactively manage cyber vulnerabilities, encouraging vendors to confirm their risk mitigations in-platform at no cost to them. When they do, your reporting is immediately updated and they maintain access, so they can be notified when there’s new concerns to address.

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Generate and share reports with vendors in seconds. They'll be updated as soon as the vendor confirms their risk mitigations.


Up to 100% of your vendors can be engaged; with regularly updated reports which encourage action to maintain standards.


It's not just configurations and infrastructure. Monitoring includes stolen credentials, encouraging vendors to show how they keep your data secure.

Share insightful reports with vendors
  • Share insightful reports with vendors

  • Inspire action to manage concerns

  • Maintain your standards over time

Share insightful reports with vendors

Your vendors can see the same information you do, setting clear expectations and simplifying your cyber risk conversations. Assuming your contact isn’t the correct person to speak with, they can share their access with someone who is.

Inspire action to manage concerns

You’re not just pointing out problems, you’re collaborating to fix them. Your vendors can interact with their report; confirming risk mitigations which automatically reflect in your internal reporting.

Maintain your standards over time

New concerns emerge over time. Your vendors can maintain access to their report and we’ll notify them when new issues need to be addressed. Once again, these vulnerabilities (and vendor’s responses) will reflect automatically in your reporting.

Benefits & next steps

Collaborate with suppliers about cyber risks at scale.

With apexanalytix | Cyber Risk, you can collaborate with vendors to enforce cyber resilience standards without needing cybersecurity expertise. The automated, interactive reports are easily shared, enabling vendors to confirm risk mitigations and maintain standards over time. Any updates they make are reflected in your reporting.

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