The battle against cyber threats.

Businesses are constantly battling sophisticated cyber threats while navigating complex regulations.




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1IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report 2023



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Defend your supply chain.

Cyber Risk is an automated cybersecurity monitoring of your entire supply chain, built into the world’s most complete supplier risk management solution.

Comprehensive supplier cyber vulnerability monitoring and threat risk management.


Whether it is a ransomware attack, business email compromise (BEC) scam or a data breach, Cyber Risk scans the open and hidden internet to alert you of your supplier’s cyber risk that could disrupt your supply chain and defraud your company.

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Cyber Risk Scoring
  • Cyber Risk Scoring

  • Vulnerability Intelligence

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber Risk Scoring

Continuous monitoring of supplier cyber risks, adhering to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

This involves a comprehensive 31-point test that evaluates seven crucial risk areas: exposure, connections, privacy, HTTP(S), DNS, blacklist, and audit and ports. Our system is its automation—scores are automatically generated based on your pre-set risk tolerance levels.

Vulnerability Intelligence

Discover potential vulnerabilities in a company’s digital security systems that could affect your supplier ecosystem.

These can range from leaked emails and blacklisted servers to insecure storage, website glitches, data port complications, and domain reputation infringements. By doing so, they can fortify their cyber defenses and ensure robust protection.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Get ahead of cyber incidents with real-time updates on active data breaches affecting your suppliers.

Implement dark web scanning and threat monitoring across your supplier ecosystem, complemented by a risk-adjusted alert system that informs your team when crucial issues arise.


Theft in the Modern World

The consequences of a cyber attack against a supplier can be crippling for any business and, unfortunately, your suppliers’ lack of cybersecurity is now your problem. In addition to potentially devastating financial losses, there are long-term risks to consider, including reputational damage, legal liabilities, compromised data and potential reductions in credit ratings.

Watch the webinar below to learn how to identify suppliers with the greatest cybersecurity risk, and actionable preventative measures to deploy now.


Supply Chain Disruptions, Disrupted.​

Take control of cyber risk in your supply chain. Prevent supply chain attacks before they strike.

Continuous Validation

Automated Cyber Risk

Automatically and continuously monitor your supplier ecosystem for cyber risk.

General Risk

Automated Alerts

Receive alerts based on your organization’s risk tolerance​.


Real-Time Monitoring

See activity on the dark web in real-time discussing your company or suppliers.

Supplier Comms

Supplier Collaboration

Collaborate with existing and future suppliers on cyber risk concerns. Provides high-risk suppliers with cybersecurity reporting to encourage a faster transition to compliance.


Risk Mitigation Strategy

Align supplier cybersecurity management with your overall risk mitigation strategy, providing layered reporting valuable to various stakeholder groups.

Ultimate supplier management.

Protect your company’s reputation and revenue from the first time you engage with a supplier and throughout the supplier lifecycle.

Supplier Management

Every. All. 100%

A single, central supplier hub for every supplier, all of your policies and integration with 100% of your source-to-pay systems.

Audit and Recovery

$9 billion in overpayments prevented or recovered annually.

More insights. More expertise. More supplier intelligence. More recoveries than any other provider in the world.

Intelligent Data

Data in. Gold out.

The fastest way to validate and enrich your third-party data with APIs tapping 1,000+ trusted data sources and 100 million company golden records.

Supplier Risk Management

Disrupt the disruption.

Prevent fines, fraud and supply chain disruptions with continuous monitoring of your supply base – without the noise.

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One platform. Countless layers of protection.

apexanalytix offers end-to-end risk management solutions to give you maximum visibility and control.


Supplier Sustainability Compliance

Supplier Sustainability Compliance

Rapidly close global compliance gaps and identify ESG risks.


Supplier Compliance

Supplier Compliance

Automate checking for supplier compliance throughout the entire supplier lifecycle.


Insurance Coverage Monitoring

Insurance Coverage Monitoring

Autonomous insurance compliance management.


Risk Event Monitoring

Risk Event Monitoring

Stay informed about potential supply disruptions on a global scale.


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