FirstStrike® Global Supplier Portal Solutions

Use Our Vendor Management Software to Automate Error-Prone Manual Processes and Reduce Your Vendor Risk

Managing supplier interactions manually can be costly and time-consuming, whether you're answering payment inquiries or adding new companies to your vendor master database. But the APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Global Supplier Portal can help. Our powerful supplier portal software automates and transforms a comprehensive range of strategic supplier assurance processes – helping you reduce errors and vendor risks, drive down costs and improve your profitability.

Leverage a Broad Ecosystem of Support

In our supplier portal, we offer four modules to extend your FirstStrike® Supplier Portal investment. Each is designed to support your operations globally in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Supplier registration tools provide a cost-effective alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual onboarding processes.
  • Dynamic discounting tools let you grow your bottom line by paying suppliers early in return for a discount on what you owe.
  • Supplier inquiry tools deliver 24/7, self-service access to current invoice and payment status (in their own language).
  • E-Invoicing and invoice automation tools convert purchase orders into electronic invoices and streamline invoice processing.

Our FirstStrike Supplier Portal itself is part of a comprehensive FirstStrike family. We offer solutions to protect against overpayments, uncover and investigate fraud, analyze large data stores for new insights, predict results...and more.

  • Automate Supplier Onboarding and Vendor Master Maintenance. Onboard, validate and approve each of your vendors through an easy-to-use, supplier portal web interface that supports nearly 20 languages. Web enabled workflow, mobile alerts let you review and approve supplier information from virtually anywhere. Registration fields are completely configurable on the fly – allowing you to readily adapt your vendor portal to changing workflows or to meet the varying requirements of the markets you serve around the globe. You can easily accommodate variations in currencies, tax identification numbers, bank routing numbers, addresses and more.
  • Strengthen Global Compliance. With a supplier portal from APEX Analytix, you can specify information that must be entered before a company is added to your vendor master file and a payment is issued. You can even specify documents that must be uploaded, including W-9/W-8 forms, insurance certificates, certifications and more. To protect the accuracy of your vendor master database over time, simply require suppliers to log into the supplier portal to review and update their data at regular intervals.
  • Reduce Vendor Fraud/Vendor Risk. Reduce the risk that you are working with scam artists or prohibited entities by using the information captured during supplier registration to authenticate companies before they are added to your master file. FirstStrike Supplier Portal can automatically validate postal addresses and tax identification numbers. Seamless integration with the FirstStrike fraud detection module provides even more extensive protection against supplier fraud and risk.
  • Increase Supplier Satisfaction – While Minimizing Costs. A supplier portal from APEX Analytix provides your suppliers with automated, around-the-clock access to payment details and invoice status. Rather than calling you when questions crop up, they are empowered to access the information they need, when they need it, on their own. They can even use the APEX Analytix Supplier Portal to forecast cash flow, export data to Microsoft Excel and email follow-up questions directly to your team. Meanwhile, you’ll free up call center staff to manage more strategic tasks.
  • Reduce Cost Per Invoice by Going Electronic. FirstStrike Supplier Portal reduces time spent on invoice processing and administration by both buyers and sellers. Suppliers can submit invoices electronically – eliminating time-consuming manual accounts payable processes.
  • Boost Your Bottom Line with Cash Discount Management. With the comprehensive reports our FirstStrike Supplier Portal provides, you can identify opportunities to accelerate supplier payments in return for a discount on what you owe. You can communicate your early-pay offer and track whether a supplier accepts your terms – all online. The supplier portal communicates directly with your ERP platform or third-party funding source to initiate discounted transactions. You will be poised to turn accounts payable into a profit generator!
  • Benefit from Easy Implementation, Faster Returns. The APEX Analytix FirstStrike Global Supplier Portal works with any enterprise resource planning system – commercial or homegrown – with no time-consuming integration required. That means fast deployment and a rapid return on your investment.