01.06.17 White Paper

How to Manage Your Vendor Master

Keeping Your Vendor Master in Tip-Top Shape

Do you now the signs that you need to clean your vendor master? APEX Analytix audit teams have found nearly 30 percent of all duplicate payments they uncover are the result of duplicate vendors or coding issues in a company’s vendor master database. Learn more about managing your vendor master.

10.31.16 White Paper

A How-To Guide for Preventing Procurement and Payment Fraud

Tips for Reducing Risk and Protecting Hard-Earned Profits

Though accounts payable teams have always had to contend with fraud, today’s scams seem to be more sophisticated and more costly than ever before. You may think “it can’t happen in my company,” but you might want to think again!

09.20.16 White Paper

Three Steps for Improving Critical KPIs

How Global Audits and Advanced Analytics Can Help AP Teams Deliver Strategic Value

If you want to ensure your own accounts payable team is adding strategic value and earning accolades for the value it delivers to the broader business, try this three-step approach.

04.26.16 White Paper

Supplier Portal Checklist

Six Features That Deliver Added Value to Your Global Operations

Best-in-class, self-service supplier portal solutions will undoubtedly deliver broad benefits to your bottom line. Read our white paper to learn six key features you should be looking for.

03.29.16 White Paper

Increase Your Bottom Line by Managing Indirect Spend

Five Enablers to Help Your Procurement Team Deliver Greater Value

The supply chain landscape presents complex challenges for any global procurement team. There are pressures to reduce costs, drive down risks, develop more strategic supplier relationships and deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage to the business.

01.07.16 White Paper

Six Signs That Your Procure-to-Pay Is at Risk for Fraud

The Corporate Fraud Epidemic

If you are a CFO, a Controller, or a Head of Finance, Shared Services, or Accounts Payable, and if you are concerned about reducing the risk of fraud, then don't miss this white paper by Tasha Bailey, which provides real-world examples of global fraud, statistics on the occurrence of fraud, and tips for identifying fraud. It also describes what you can do to reduce your risk.

01.07.16 White Paper

Tackling Vendor Fraud: Six Best Practices

Protect your company’s reputation and revenues

The payments you make to vendors are likely one of your organization’s largest outlays—and one of your greatest areas of risk. Just think about the thousands of companies in your vendor database. Do you really know all you should about these firms and the kinds of risks they might represent? If not, you may be gambling with your company’s profitability, its brand image and stock value. Just imagine the negative publicity, for example, if you are working with companies known for fraud scams, violating fair labor practices or other sorts of bad corporate behavior.

01.07.16 White Paper

The Value of Benchmarking

Do You Know How Your Organization Stacks Up?

For more than a decade, APEX Analytix Compass™ Benchmark Surveys have offered insights into where the best financial shared services organizations are headed. You’ll discover where your operations stand relative to other industry leaders and can gain insight into what your peers are doing to improve their processes.