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03.09.18 White Paper

Benefit from Longer Payment Terms and More Discounts Captured

Five Ways a Supplier Information Management Portal Can Help You Grow Working Capital

Working capital initiatives can be vital to the success of any business. They help you capture the cash needed to service debt, cover operating expenses and fund new projects that contribute to your firm’s future growth. If you work in procure to pay, you are in a unique position to impact working capital in a number of positive ways. You can adopt beneficial payment terms, offer early payment discounting programs, conduct audits to recover lost revenues—and more. Read our white paper to learn how a supplier information management portal can help you grow working capital.

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Financial Leaders' Benchmarking Report White Paper Image
11.14.17 White Paper

Financial Leaders' Benchmarking Report

Essential Global Insights from AP, P2P and Shared Services

Compass benchmarking gives today’s and tomorrow’s leaders of Global 1000 companies an effective way to measure progress against key initiatives and goals. Participating companies rank among the best-managed organizations in the world and are typically the early adopters of financial best practices.

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Statement Audit White Paper Cover Image
09.01.17 White Paper

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Five Ways a Technology-Powered Supplier Statement Review Can Supercharge Your Audit Program

Top-performing procure-to-pay teams rely on supplier statement audits as a time-honored best practice. And they find it’s well worth the effort. According to our APEX Analytix audit experts, the typical statement review can uncover millions in credits that were never applied or refunded. Read our white paper to learn how credits get missed and why many companies are adopting new technology-powered statement reviews.

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Contract Compliance Gig Economy White Paper Cover Image
08.19.17 White Paper

Are Your Audit Initiatives Keeping Up with Today's "Gig" Economy

Why a Contract Compliance Audit May Be Your Best Line of Defense

In today’s “gig” economy, it’s the norm for companies to rely heavily on a growing stable of freelancers, temp workers and independent contractors. The firm Staffing Industry Analysts estimates that use of on-demand, contingent workers represents $3.5 trillion in annual spend. That’s a lot of money. And it’s why corporate buyers work hard to negotiate contracts with beneficial terms. But are you certain you’re actually getting those negotiated benefits? Read our white paper to learn more.

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Preventing Duplicate Payments Cover Image
05.23.17 White Paper

Preventing Duplicate Payments

How the Right Technology Controls Deliver Lock-Tight Protection Against Disbursement Losses

Supplier payments are likely one of your company’s largest annual disbursements—and one of your greatest areas of risk. Duplicate payments and other disbursement errors can lurk undetected and significantly impact your profitability, without you ever knowing that anything has happened. Here are a few reasons why duplicate payments escape ERP controls and what you can do to protect your operations.

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SaaS Provider White Paper Cover Image
02.06.17 White Paper

Looking for a SaaS Provider?

Use These Six Questions to Find the Right Fit

Are you considering a move from on-premises software to an application delivered as an online service? It’s a decision many companies are making—and for good reason. But finding the right SaaS provider is critical and can make a real difference in how your SaaS application performs. To help you make a seamless, safe and productive move to an online, cloud-based service, use these questions to guide your decision making.

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Manage Your Vendor Master White Paper Thumbnail Image
01.06.17 White Paper

How to Manage Your Vendor Master

A Three-Step Plan for Getting Your Vendor Master in Tip-Top Shape—and Keeping It That Way

Do you know the signs that you need to clean your vendor master? APEX Analytix audit teams have found nearly 30 percent of all duplicate payments they uncover are the result of duplicate vendors or coding issues in a company’s vendor master database. Learn more about managing your vendor master.

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10.31.16 White Paper

A How-To Guide for Preventing Procurement and Payment Fraud

Tips for Reducing Risk and Protecting Hard-Earned Profits

Though accounts payable teams have always had to contend with fraud, today’s scams seem to be more sophisticated and more costly than ever before. You may think “it can’t happen in my company,” but you might want to think again!

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