Coronavirus Response: Fraud, P2P and Vendor Management Safeguards

Date: April 16, 2020
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT
  • Danny Thompson, apexanalytix
  • Nick Heinzmann, Spend Matters Analyst

Spend Matters and apexanalytix dive into how companies can protect cash and rapidly vet suppliers during a crisis

During a global pandemic, there are going to be bad actors trying to take advantage of people getting acclimated to working from home and possibly distracted by kids or the news. Supplier risk management and fraud prevention has always been at the core of apexanalytix’s solutions so we wanted to sit down with Spend Matters analyst Nick Heinzmann to discuss his recent article Coronavirus Response: Fraud, P2P and Vendor Management Safeguards—Protecting cash and rapidly vetting suppliers in a crisis.

During this interactive webinar, we discuss problems that have been caused during this crisis and scenarios where procure-to-pay solutions can provide deeper insights on how to mitigate risk and prevent fraud. We also discuss how apexanalytix supports companies in automating fraud prevention and safeguarding their assets.