Webinar APEX Portal - Part 2: Touchless Supplier Information Management

APEX Portal - Part 2: Touchless Supplier Information Management

Date: April 18, 2017
Time: 10:00am - 10:30am EDT
Speaker: Danny Thompson, APEX Analytix

Touchless Supplier Information Management

Capture, validate and approve every field and form to onboard and maintain suppliers across your enterprise

Your vendor master is the foundation for everything you do in procure to pay, like who, when and how you pay. Just as important is how the accuracy and completeness of your vendor master data can make or break your strategic P2P initiatives; think category management, eProcurement and e-invoicing, electronic payment and working capital. To date, the challenge has been, how to improve vendor master data quality without adding costly resources and how to continuously improve it over time.

In the second webinar of our three-part series on the APEX Analytix Portal, you will learn how you can use the portal to:

  • Capture everything you need and want to know about every supplier
  • Enforce P2P policy
  • Automatically enrich and validate critical fields to reduce errors, support strategic initiatives, and ensure global regulatory compliance
  • Create a touchless vendor master for your Enterprise by connecting all of your P2P systems to a single instance of our Supplier Registration portal module

We’ll also share several case study results to illustrate how the largest companies in the world are using APEX Analytix’s Supplier Registration solution to transform supplier information management and drive P2P initiatives.