360 Degree Controls Technology

Date: October 13, 2021
Time: 1:45pm EDT
  • Lewis Moore, GM, Procurement & Receivable Services at Delta
  • Barry Cook, Director, Pre-Sales Consulting at apexanalytix

How Delta Airlines Protects Against Disruption

Airlines have to deal with disruptions more than any industry. Through it all, the Delta procure-to-pay team has focused on staying a step ahead of the game. 
This presentation will look at the challenges Delta has faced through the years, the proactive P2P technology investments they’ve made in response, and how they’ve navigated the work-from-home challenges of COVID-19 without missing a beat.
Then we walk through apexportal’s risk and fraud prevention dashboard: 

  • Supplier Mapping: Mapping of all suppliers in your supply chain with geographical risk areas based on composite risk (everything summed up: trend analysis, news, financial, fraud…) 
  • Trend Analysis: How companies have fared over time. Commercial real estate, semiconductors, aluminum…the supply chain changes. Visual trend analysis shows it, plus you get alerts on changes based on your threshold.
  • Fraud!!! We analyze suppliers on 30 attributes: Employee/vendor match (bank accounts, Tax ID, address), Benford’s law, addresses (a lot of them are prisons), and 27 more!!!