Build Value with Improved Procure-to-Pay Controls

Procure-to-pay processes can be complex, error-prone and vulnerable to profit leakage that erodes your bottom line.  APEX Analytix offers comprehensive solutions and services to help you detect and prevent errors, identify risks and improve your profitability.

  • Uncover duplicate payments, missed discounts and pricing errors, SUT and VAT errors – and more.
  • Enforce registration compliance and keep your vendor master squeaky clean.
  • Determine the root causes of losses and develop the insights you need to tighten process controls.
  • Ensure that purchase orders and invoices align with negotiated prices and other contract terms.
  • Detect potential supplier vulnerabilities – from fraud and conflicts of interest to lapsed business licenses and liability concerns.
  • Compare your procure-to-pay controls to those of other companies around the globe so you can benefit from their experiences and continuously improve.

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