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Benefit from More Recoveries in Less Time – at a Lower Cost

Benefit from More Recoveries in Less Time – at a Lower Cost

apexanalytix offers a transformative, software-based alternative to the traditional audit process that can significantly shorten the time it takes to identify and recover costly disbursement errors. firststrike® Retail proactively identifies missed allowances and overpayments. It also can be used to conduct your own software-enabled internal audit – quickly mining large volumes of data for a broad range of recovery opportunities. You will be poised to significantly shorten audit cycle times, to improve visibility into the causes of overpayments and to shore up your internal controls.

firststrike is based on robotic process automation and artificial intelligence. You benefit from a retail-specific design, rapid analysis, automated claims, and comprehensive reports and metrics. You also benefit from a holistic value-added partnership. We help you transition to internal recovery audits, protect your profits and optimize working capital.

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