03.07.17 News

APEX Analytix to Integrate New Global Financing Options into Its Early-Pay Discounting Software

Makes it easy for businesses to pay suppliers early while holding onto their own cash

PRESS RELEASE: APEX Analytix has announced plans to integrate Interface Financial Group’s digital invoice discounting solution with APEX Analytix FirstStrike® Supplier Portal dynamic discounting software. As a result, companies will get fast decisions on their eligibility for third-party, multicurrency funding so they can pay suppliers early in return for a discount on the amount owed.

Interface Financial Group (IFG) is one of the largest alternative finance sources in the industry – specializing in alternative funding sources for small to mid-sized businesses. APEX Analytix chose to partner with the company because of its global fund sourcing capabilities and its fully automated, real-time approval functionality that can be seamlessly integrated with the APEX Analytix Supplier Portal.

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